Washington Post Exposes Clinton Corruption But Calls It a Business Deal



When Hillary saw the guest list for a 2009 private dinner to discuss higher education POLICY, she suggested inviting a rep from the “fastest growing college network in the world” — Laureate International Universities.

The Laureate mills make obscene profits.

The company was started by Bill’s friend, Doug Becker.

Nine months after the dinner, Laureate signed Bill Clinton to a lucrative deal as a consultant and “honorary chancellor,” paying him $17.6 million over five years until the contract ended in 2015 as Hillary Clinton launched her campaign for president, the Washington Post (WaPo) reported..

Bill gave speeches, visited 19 locations, spoke with some students, and allowed his face to be plastered on posters in the universities’ halls for nearly $18 million dollars.

WaPo wrote, There is no evidence that Laureate received special favors from the State Department in direct exchange for hiring Bill Clinton, but the Baltimore-based company had much to gain from an association with a globally connected ex-president and, indirectly, the United States’ chief diplomat.

What they are saying is there is no smoking gun. Actually, they are wrong, there are many smoking guns, we just can’t find the shell casings. We can see the bullet leaving the barrel and we can see the smoking gun and we can also see the target being hit.

WaPo reported that Sam Pitroda, a higher-education expert who was representing a policy commission from India at the State Department dinner said, “The discussion itself is irrelevant. . . . It gets you very high-level contacts, and it gets you to the right people.”

Of course we could figure that out.

Surprisingly, WaPo added this: …a close examination of the Laureate deal reveals how Bill Clinton leveraged the couple’s connections during that time to enhance their personal wealth — potentially providing another avenue for supporters to gain access to the family.

...Bill Clinton took on new consulting work starting in 2009, at the same time Hillary Clinton assumed her post at the State Department. Laureate was the highest-paying client, but Bill Clinton signed contracts worth millions with GEMS Education, a secondary-education chain based in Dubai, as well as Shangri-La Industries and Wasserman Investment, two companies run by longtime Democratic donors. All told, with his consulting, writing and speaking fees, Bill Clinton was paid $65.4 million during Hillary Clinton’s four years as secretary of state.

The Laureate arrangement illustrates the extent to which the Clintons mixed their charitable work with their private and political lives, WaPo wrote but calling the Foundation charity work is a stretch.

Several organizations that rate charities either couldn’t rate it or rated it so poorly that it didn’t meet minimum standards.

The Clinton Health Access Initiative has refused to allow the charity evaluation organization GiveWell [sic] to analyze its outcomes, and the Better Business Bureau has listed the Clinton Foundation as failing to meet the basic standards for reporting the effectiveness of its programs. Bill Allison of the pro-transparency Sunlight Foundation has gone much further, and said that the organization operates as a “slush fund for the Clintons.”

For Doug Becker’s part, he donated to Hillary’s 2008 campaign and to her campaign in 2015. Laureate has given between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and made millions of dollars in charitable commitments to the Clinton Global Initiative, an arm of the foundation. Laureate, as a result, got to portray themselves symbolically as legitimate because of their association with the Clintons as opposed to just the result of a business deal, to paraphrase WaPo.

Is it a business deal or a corrupt crony endeavor by the Clintons and Becker aimed at personally enriching themselves while exploiting students and their government loan money?

Laureate was once the ill-reputed Sylvan Learning Center and it is now global.

And, as you might have guessed, George Soros is involved. The king of propaganda has a special affinity for higher education.

The company has been intertwined over the years with the global financial elite. Once publicly traded, it was bought out for $3.8 billion in 2007 with investments from, among others, a private-equity firm founded by liberal philanthropist George Soros, as well as the investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.

Becker hired Bill Clinton at the same time scrutiny of costly private colleges grew.

Clinton’s contract with Laureate was approved by the State Department’s ethics office. Of course it was.

Judicial Watch secured a copy but descriptions of Clinton’s exact consulting role were blacked out in the publicly released document and labeled as trade secrets. Laureate and Clinton aides declined to release an unredacted copy of the contract.

Not at all suspicious.

In 2013, Clinton recorded a message to Laureate students and, without mentioning his financial ties to the company, said he joined Laureate because he admired its “dedication to helping the next generation of leaders be truly educated and well prepared for your future.”


They still maintain close ties.

Liberal legal scholar, Professor Jonathan Turley reminded us that Laureate has been repeatedly sued for fraud and he asked why isn’t the media wasn’t following that story as well as the Trump University story.

WaPo finally reported but it’s whitewashed and requires reading between the lines. Laureate is more mill than university, more fraud than legitimate, and Bill did nothing much as chancellor – he was honorary. Government loans and grants poured into Laureate along with students and donations poured into the Clinton’s money laundering machine.

Clintons’ Stunning University Fraud the Media Won’t Report

Source: WaPo