Wasn’t a Right Wing Group But Those Ties to ISIS Are Mighty Suspicious


CNN is reporting that Syed Farook was in touch over the phone and via social media with more than one international terrorism subject who the FBI were already investigating, law enforcement officials said. It appears Farook was radicalized, though some anonymous enforcement officials are claiming it only “contributed” to his motive “among other things.”

He was tied to Al-Qaeda in Libya in the way he prepared his weapons and executed the attack according to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge. He must be a disgruntled employee. [Update: out there right now that Farook and his wife were looking at ISIS propaganda online ]

All guns were purchased legally in a state with tough gun laws. You mean government checks didn’t work? Therefore we need more of them?

The site of the attack is a government building, it was a Christmas party, and the attendees were infidels.

The female terrorist Tashfeen Malik was here on a fiancé K-1 visa with a Pakistani passport. There is a VERY high rate of approvals for those visas and they often come before vetting.

What about the IEDs in his garage? What about the neighbor who said there was suspicious activity in his garage with several Middle Eastern men working in the garage in the dark of night and at odd hours? She was afraid to report it for fear of looking politically incorrect.

The media and administration want this to be a crime of gun violence and “workplace violence”, whereas the John Dear case was classified domestic terrorism by the media the day of the shootings even though no motive was or is assigned because the man is insane.

Obama actually said today, “At this stage we do not yet know why this terrible event occurred. It is possible this was terrorist related but we don’t know. It’s also possible this was workplace related,” Obama said.

He must be the only person in America who is paying attention who doesn’t know it’s a terror attack.

Obama is not going to provide the added resources to the FBI that they asked for to better fight terrorism, but he is going to pass executive orders controlling guns that will probably be unconstitutional.

CAIR is insinuating it was mental illness and no one in his family can understand why he did it though it’s not associated with Islam – Islam doesn’t permit such violence.

Farook’s trip to the soul of Wahhabism – Saudi Arabia – and his growing a beard immediately after didn’t ring any bells apparently.

The FBI hasn’t ruled out terrorism. How about the media jumping on this the way they have in the Dear case – call it terrorism.

During a presser this morning at 9:45 am PST, Police Chief Jarroud Barguan spoke first of what a tragedy this is and their prayers are with the families of the victims and the victims. There are 14 dead and 21 wounded, two are critically ill.

About 300 officers responded for the initial active shooter component. Many participated in the second shooting. Several law enforcement agencies were involved and 23 officers fired about 380 rounds at the two suspects who had fired 76 rounds at the officers. The terrorists had over 1400 rounds of ammo for their rifles and 200 rounds for their 9mils.

They fired upwards of 65 shots and they had a remote control bomb that didn’t work. They were wearing tactical gear, not bulletproof vests. Two officers were injured, one with a gun shot to his leg and another deputy had cuts from glass or shrapnel.

At the house and garage at Redlands, there were 12 pipe bombs, hundreds of tools that can be used to make IEDs and pipe bombs. More ammo was found at the house.

It’s hard to explain how evil Farook was but here’s a hint. He was given time off with pay during the day to go home and pray as often as he liked. He was paid for his trip to Saudi Arabia where he probably was trained by jihadists. Then he turned around and killed people after he was treated so kindly and generously, but in Islam, infidels have to pay Islamists for being infidels.

Farook was at the Christmas party early on and they don’t have a motive. Some witnesses said he just disappeared. One said he was angry after a verbal altercation.

Connecticut governor Dan Malloy is increasing patrols on government health services as if this was an anti-abortion group. There are no ends these people won’t go to in order to continue the charade.

CNN predicted before we knew anything that it might be a “right wing group”.

CNN hosts believe it’s “unprecedented” to have more than one shooter – the Paris attacks never crossed their minds, but some right wing group did cross their mind.

ERIN BURNETT: Harry, when you hear Bob talking about the unprecedented nature and the concern he feels when he — three — multiple — three shooters. We’ve only had two multiple shooter incidents since the year 2000 and none of them have anything been like this, but if it’s not an international incident, what could it be?

HARRY HOUCK: It could be some right-wing group, for all I know. You know, what’s really strange about this attack to me is, I’m thinking, if this attack was somehow terrorist-related, ISIS or you know, al-Qaeda, something like that, why wouldn’t they just stay there and kill as many people as possible? And just, you know, kill themselves because usually you see that a lot also in these types of attacks.

ERIN BURNETT: Right. It was not a suicide mission, Bob, to Harry’s point.

HARRY HOUCK: Right. I’m not discounting everything anything Bob’s saying because I’m speculating like the rest of us here, but that’s something else I’m looking at here and they are playing, like I said before, was great until they got out of the area where they did the shooting and then these guys still stuck around. That shows me a level of stupidity on their part.

Actually, I marvel at the level of stupidity of CNN hosts.


The lovely couple in better days (unconfirmed).



  1. “It could be some right-wing group”

    Oh yeah, which one? I can’t remember any attack by a right wing group in my lifetime. There have been several by left-wing groups in the 60’s and 70’s. And multiple attacks by radical Islamists in recent years. Yet the first thing out of the mouths of so-called experts when an attack happens is: “It could be some right-wing group”. Just because Harry Houck lasted long enough in the NYPD to collect a pension, it doesn’t make him an expert in anything. CNN is a joke.

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