Watch CNN Lie About the Attack on the Jewish Deli


CNN wants you to believe the attack by Amedy Coulibaly in the Kosher deli wasn’t because it was Jewish. It has nothing to do with anti-Semitism really, they say.

We can prove that’s not true.

Read the CNN gibberish and check out the tape (via Truth Revolt):

Cuomo: Let’s go to Isa Soares. The French President Isa —You are outside of the kosher market where hostages were held and many were released. Some did not make it out. Others were injured. So were some of the S.W.A.T. Team members that perpetrated the assault there to try to free them. The French president said this was an anti-Semitic attack. Now, of course, it’s a kosher market. We’re also told that many Muslims shopped there as well to fill their own specific religious dietary needs. What have you heard there about how this is perceived and whether or not it was a specific targeting attack of Jews?

Soares: Hi, Chris. Yes, the people I’ve been speaking to, they’re not really saying it was specifically attacking Jews. This is not particularly a Jewish area in the east of Paris. This is middle class area. It’s lots of different stores. Not just Jewish stores like you said, Muslim stores as well. A variety of shops here. People would not expect to see much police activity in this area. So it’s a very ordinary, if I can say that, a very ordinary part of the east of Paris, really.

Now read the killer’s words about how he targeted the deli because it was Jewish:

The French channel BFM said that after 3pm, they got a call from Amedy Coulibaly, who wanted to be in contact with the police (via The Guardian).

He spoke with a BFM editor:

BFM: Are you in touch with the two brothers who conducted the operation at Charlie Hebdo?

Coulibaly: Yes. We synchronized our operations.

BFM: Are you still in touch with them? Have you recently spoken with them by phone?

Coulibaly: No.

BFM: How were you synchronized with the Kouachis? Are there further attacks planned?

Coulibaly: No, we only synchronized to kick-start things: so when they started Charlie Hebdo, I started on the police officers.

He also added that at the time, he was standing there with four dead and 16 people including children.

He finally said that he committed these acts to defend “oppressed Muslims” notably in Palestine, and targeted the Kosher grocery store because he was targeting jews. [Emphasis mine]

In fairness, they might not be lying, they could just be incompetent.

One of the witnesses named Joseph said this about Coulibaly according to Breitbart: “So he was ready to blow the place up. He told them they were all going to die. They were getting to a point where he was becoming more insane and was starting to scream and insult them, saying, ‘You dirty Jews, you oppress us. I will go to heaven.’ He was starting to scream and insult everyone, saying, ‘We will take over France and we will put the flag of jihad over the Élysée Palace.; And he was going more and more crazy.”