Watch Crowd Assault Cop Trying to Come to the Aid of a Woman

Officer Cammarn

East Precinct Officer Matthew Cammarn, who has been named Officer of the Year, should be out of the hospital soon. He was trying to arrest Brian Shannon, 22, when Shannon and a crowd attacked him in one of Nashville’s projects as he tried to make the arrest.

Shannon is jailed on charges of felony aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, evading arrest, criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct and drug possession. A 17-year old was also arrested.

Brian Shannon
Brian Shannon, idiot

The officer, a hero cop, saw Shannon assaulting a woman when Shannon aggressively approached the officer who then tried to arrest him.

While Officer Cammarn was on the ground fighting with Shannon, people in a crowd pulled and pushed Cammarn to try and free Shannon. Others stood by recording the assault on their cell phones.

Watch as the crowd of loons attack the police officer.



    • Thugs, thugs, thugs. All those thugs that participated should be arrested too. But then, Barack would let the thugs out and punish the heroic police officer

    • 100% agree with you. Just like at the crimes these savages commit. Blacks account for 57% of all murders, 67% of all violent arrests, 2013 36,000 rapes. All from a race of 13%. Subhuman savage beasts . The government needs to be held accountable for freeing these savage beasts and putting the rest of our Nation in danger.

  1. Cops should stay out of the projects and let the projects own justice system work its issues. Besides, what is a project anyway?

  2. If I were to just hear the sound track, without knowing what it came from, I would have guessed that it was a a pack of chimpanzees, fighting over some bananas.

  3. They wonder why cops don’t go in the projects but the thugs would be the first to say where the police when one of them gets shot

  4. But liberals think these project scum dwellers could get a job and be productive members of society. Uh huh yeah right. That’s why I carry concealed for moments like that.

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