Watch How This Ohio State University VP Quickly Ends a Student Occupation



Stunning! A college administration with some gumption! They ended a sit-in by occupiers with a bizarre set of demands at The Ohio State University almost as soon as it began.

Students decided to block Michael V. Drake’s office late Wednesday night but they were met with reality when a VP told them they would be arrested and expelled if they didn’t leave.

They presented a set of demands which they expected to be met before they would leave.

The demands are very entertaining, here are some of them:

  1. Budget & investments: We demand complete, comprehensive and detailed access to the Ohio State budget and investments immediately, as well as personnel to aid students in understanding this information.
  2. We demand the administration of the Ohio State University be responsive to community calls for justice, transparency and democratic process by meeting at least one of the previously established campaign demands below.
    1. OSU Divest: Divest from Caterpillar Inc., Hewlett Packard and G4S due to their involvement in well-documented human rights abuses in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and across the globe.
    2. United Students Against Sweatshops: Immediately cease all negotiations of the Comprehensive Energy Management Project. The university must maintain in-house operation of its energy systems, ensure that all workers in the energy systems will continue to work for the university, and ensure student led sustainability measures are implemented.
    3. Real Food OSU: Sign the Real Food Campus Commitment. Ensure the administration work with Real Food OSU through the entire implementation of the Real Food Campus Commitment, in place of, or as a means of attaining, the university sustainability goal of increased “production and purchase of locally and sustainably sourced food to 40% by 2025.”

The majority of students in these colleges aren’t these imbeciles, so why aren’t all school administrators showing the backbone of this VP?

He said he wouldn’t negotiate with them and explained the code of conduct. He then told them in the most thoughtful way – so the little cream puffs wouldn’t get their noses out of joint – that their “officers will physically pick them up and take them to a paddy wagon.”

These bratty students are rude and idiotic and you can hear it for yourself in this video.




  1. Finally! An adult taking control and making decisions. Hope that other schools and universities will pay attention to this and take a hint.

  2. Ah ha little college pukes , stupid reason shows what a mistake of grant money spent ,throw there asses out McDonald’s needs burger makers and sweepers , maybe you would last a week

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