Watch Malia Obama Thrash About Uncontrollably in the Dirt


Watch Malia thrash about at Lollapalooza courtesy TMZ. The daughter of the former president, age 19, stayed back stage most of the time, but came out for a few songs to thrash about wildly in the dirt.

She was headbanging and dancing uncontrollably, beating the ground, with one of her friends.

The 19-year old was caught smoking a joint and twerking back in 2016.

If the Bush girls did this, the reaction would be very different.


  1. Two sets of standards, one for the elite, and one for the rest of us! I should clarify the rest of us: any person who does not abide by all progressive ideologies at that moment in time. They change as soon as they have nudged society to their point of view. Then its off to push for more; as a progressive it is never enough!

  2. How do we know it is really Malia? The video resolution is so poor it is difficult to know. Just a nasty non-story.

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