Way to Go Camden Police Union



I just woke up in a country that I “just don’t get.” I want to roll over and go back to sleep. Maybe it will get better when I wake up later. A bad dream?

Unfortunately, it’s reality and I don’t think it’s going to end soon.

Camden, New Jersey: Eighteen years ago, my son was attending The University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school.

WOW! Imagine that!

His grandparents were poor eastern-European immigrants. They couldn’t even read or write English! This is truly the American dream.

I remember, as if it were yesterday, driving on the N.J. Turnpike to “Philly,” but first passing Camden, New Jersey, the great divide. On one side, Poverty! Crime-ridden! The worst school system in America! Next door, one of the best places to study and live.

You won’t believe what happened there this month.

Camden’s police union and their City had previously negotiated certain rules which were now totally unaffordable. You see, the choice was either live within your means now, bankruptcy, or compromise. The City said let’s renegotiate. The Union said absolutely NO WAY!

This week, the City of Camden, 77,000 people, FIRED  their entire police department and the county will “take it over.” Have they all “lost their collective minds?”

The cost is now to be paid by ALL the county residents, not just those living in Camden. I’m sure they all will love their new tax bills.

Instead of compromising, all these officers are now unemployed! Way to go, Police Union!

Please wake me when this insanity ends!