How Obama’s Administration Promotes the Muslim Brotherhood in America



It’s not only the Obama administration, it’s the left and the lack of an opposition party that is creating a powerful and well-entrenched Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. The left are tools of the terror-tied group that now writes the counter-terrorism rules.

Mr. Phillip Haney, the former Department of Homeland Security official and co-founder of the department, who turned whistleblower, spent more than a decade investigating two terror groups, a Muslim Brotherhood group and a similar Asian group for more than a decade. He lived with the people, learned the languages and their culture.

Mr. Haney’s job was based on a simple order from Director Ridge to keep America safe.

Haney himself caught 300 terrorists.

Haney became known overnight when he told the public he was ordered by the Obama administration to scrub the names of groups that have ties to radical groups. He was also ordered to expunge all ties between the groups and radical groups overseas.

To put it in context, this was a year after The Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism trial in US history, with over 200 convictions of terrorists tied to Hamas.

CAIR was founded by Hamas and was named as an unindexed co-conspirator during the trial but the Obama administration cut the investigation off.

The perpetrators who funded terror were all Muslim Brotherhood.

Mohammad Morsi, who nearly destroyed Egypt as its dictator, led the Muslim Brotherhood in the US.

Rich Higgins, an expert on warfare and intelligence, vice president of Intelligence and National Security Programs for the Department of Defense Terrorism and Support Warfare Program, appeared with Haney during an interview yesterday on the Hannity radio show. It’s a show everyone should find time to listen to and that we have posted below. If they want to understand what is going on in America today when it comes to Islamists who now permeate our government at the highest levels, this is the interview.

Mr. Higgins saw the same purge throughout the Department of Defense and the law enforcement community, the State Department, as well as Homeland Security. Right now we are seeing the horrific consequences of that, he said. It was not only a purge, it was the erasure of any references to Islamic doctrine that allows the law enforcement community to divine who is or is not a subversive.

In the US, the Muslim Brotherhood, a terror organization, operates freely in the US, in the media and in government at the highest levels. They’ve infiltrated everywhere inside the system since Obama took office.

During the Bush administration, immediately following 9/11, they had Brotherhood-affiliated members at the table, but during the Obama administration, they seemed to be making the decisions, Higgins said.

The Muslim Brotherhood is controlling the decision-making process as it relates to radical Islam, Higgins continued. They do it by prohibiting US personnel from understanding it and what’s happening.

When Haney was asked what percentage of Islamists in the Middle East are actually radicalized, he said that’s the wrong question. The question is how many follow sharia law.

The gravitational force of the global Islamic movement is not radicalization, Haney said, it’s the implementation of sharia law and the attempts to do that are tactical. Some of those tactics are identified as radical but it’s all part of a bigger effort to make sharia law the law throughout the world. Some of those tactics are calm, persuasive, and others are violent but it’s all part of the larger movement.

These Islamists are buying influence by donating to Hillary. The Islamist students that come in – The Muslim Student Association – is not to get an education, but to represent and spread Islam in the United State of America.

It’s all written in the Quran 2, 190-193. It tells you exactly what they will do and how they will do it.

The interview begins with an imam capsizing what sharia is about, followed by Sean Hannity running through money Obama and Hillary have taken from the sharia nations and the arms they’ve given them.

The US removed Gaddafi, Mubarak and others who were destroying the Muslim Brotherhood. The US and the left are the tools the Brotherhood use, Higgins said.

As an aside, we are supporting The Muslim Brotherhood in Libya instead of an ally government.

This exact thing has happened before over the 1400 years that Islam has existed. The USS Constitution was built to fight the Barabary Pirates and protect our Constitution.

Hillary and Obama are sacrificing the safety of the American people out of sympathy for Islamists. They are traitors.

If we would only follow the Constitution, unilateral decisions would not be allowed. This threat from our government and from foreign forces can be stopped by the Constitution.

Every time these attacks happen, the left and The Muslim Brotherhood attack our 1st and 2nd Amendments. That is not happening by accident. This will not end will. There will be some type of revolution.

John Hayward of Breitbart interviewed Phillip Haney this week. Hayward asked about the false term “self-radicalization” and the frequent refrain that jihadi Omar Mateen was “self radicalized”

It’s an illusion as anyone who is circumspect might conclude.

Haney described the self-radicalization narrative differently – he called it “surreal.”

“Imagine what it must have been like to be an active-duty subject matter expert in counter-terrorism,” he said:

“I had my own superiors making these kind of statements incessantly. When I was sitting there with evidence, for example, about the Ft. Pierce mosque – not only was there another person that blew himself up in Syria, but there’s an individual who is teaching a radicalization course who is on early release for weapons charges and tax fraud. And then his own father is vice-president of the mosque.”

“As though nobody knew anything – that’s completely preposterous,” he said. “If you know anything about the Islamic worldview, family and community is ultimately central to everything they do. The concept of operating alone is anathema to the Islamic worldview. They just don’t do it.”

“So, self-radicalization – what does that even mean any more?” he asked. “Nobody is self-anything in this world we live in.”

We are all living in a world of mass delusion and there are those few, like Mr. Haney and Mr. Higgins, speaking out, trying to wake people up, trying to revive our rule of law, the only thing that can protect us from this.



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