We Are All Pro-Choice!



We are all pro-choice! What a simple but important concept.

We are no longer talking Roe v Wade when we talk abortion in this country. We are now talking about gender-selection abortions. Maybe it’s time to draw the line.

When Roe v Wade passed, abortion was defined as lawful in the first trimester except when the mother’s health was in danger.

That was before sonograms and before infants became viable  at 22 weeks.

The language of Roe v Wade actually does allow ending a full-term baby’s life. Generally, except for Kansas, states have not allowed unbridled abortions.

The people who want abortion-on-demand are the same people who don’t want one hair on a rodent’s head harmed. They are the same people who want to control the human population to make room for more plants and animals. Some don’t want “the kind of people we don’t want too many of,” to quote Justice Ginsberg. To be fair, some are truly concerned about the welfare of the poor and do have good intentions.

Those intentions aside, the results can be quite bad.

One Planned Parenthood lobbyist is calling for the murder of born-alive infants if the doctor and family believe it appropriate.

Have you had enough yet?

The Blacksphere is changing the narrative:

“The Black Sphere team is changing the battle tactics for the Pro-Life movement. We tried calling the Left, Pro-Abortion, and that didn’t stick. They quickly adopted Pro-Choice. That was clever on their part, because it created an internal dissonance with anybody who was not pro-choice, but not in the ‘baby’ sense.”

We are ALL pro-choice. ..Check out the movement at the blacksphere and get your bumper sticker.

Make this contagious!