We Are No Longer Dupes of the Media-Altered & Omitted Facts



After hearing Newt ‘s fabulous response  to the moderator’s first question about his past personal life, I have a new proposal for the Republican National Committee – let’s have Newt debate Obama, no matter who our candidate is!!

We are all so conditioned to our up-hill fight against both the Democrats AND the media! Why do these candidates put up with it?  Why can’t the other 3 fully explain their positions like Newt?  What a shame!

During the Presidential debates, how many of you think that this moderator will ask Obama about Rev.Wright, Bill Ayers or his thesis (Editor’s note: how about Obama’s drug use and former girlfriends)? Don’t  hold your breath!!

Will the mainstream media ever fully cover how unsuccessful the Obama administration really has been? I know – it was Bush’s fault, we are heading in the right direction, and it was so much worse.

I offer some recent statistics which are rarely  found in  the NY Times, Ch. 2, 4 or 7, or Newsday (but seen in The Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine).

In the past year –

  1. Student debt at graduation is UP 19%.
  2. Unemployment for college grads is up 64%.
  3. 4.5 million homes are AT LEAST 60 days delinquent in their mortgage payments.
  4. People under 35 years living with parents is up 31%
  5. Eastman Kodak has 2 times as many retirees drawing full, lifetime health benefits in the U.S. as it has total active worldwide employees! This future debt  is the reason why the company could not be sold!  Now ALL of them will soon join the unemployment rolls!! Obama will do anything to avoid antagonizing his union support!
  6. This is the first year of Obama’s new law which will limit college loan payments to 10% of their income AND the loans will be FORGIVEN in 20 years!! (another FREE benefit from Obama! – just vote for him students, and let the rest of us pay!).
  7. His latest attempt to create U.S. jobs by imposing a 35% tariff on Chinese-made tires has not only resulted in a huge rise in the retail prices of tires but just transferred the manufacture of these cheaper tires from China to other countries!!
  8. This week we were told that the fires in GM’s Volt ” were “not a problem.”
  9. The Canadian oil pipeline (they still say it is a bad idea) and the Internet censorship (still targeted to become a huge government solution) were to be further studied. I’m glad that this is NOT pandering to the LEFT!!

The list of these ” media-altered  and omitted facts” will probably be with this Liberal media for quite a while, but we have learned to spread the facts ourselves!! Obama’s “Jobs Saved Mantra” is a straw man that is nebulous and unprovable. Jobs produced is real and provable! People who have stopped looking for a job and those who are working part-time because they can’t find a full-time job, need to be included in the publicized unemployment numbers!!

Almost 9 months to go!