We are not a Christian nation?


We are not a Christian nation?

History and the facts seem to indicate otherwise.

Perhaps President Obama should just “Take A Walk”.

Slowly but surely we’ve watched this President dismantle the fundamental basis for this country’s very existence, including his own self-proclaimed Christianity. His goal is the elimination of all things “God”, to and including our nation’s motto of “In God We Trust”.

By voting for Obama, you are approving the elimination of God from the United States of America and thereby approving the rejection of your God given Rights as American citizens and our Constitution, to and including the Bill of Rights.

He promised “Hope and Change” and is delivering no hope and massive change. Change that will fundamentally destroy the United States and reduce her to the role of bit player on the international stage.

As I wrote in 2008, This Is Socialism, Pure and Simple. My words then were attacked as “crazy”, “off the wall stupid”, “totally partisan hackery”, and several other ugly phrases that included far too many expletives to repeat here.

I’d like to think that Americans are waking up to the facts. On November 6th we’ll find out.