We Are Becoming a Country Without a First Amendment


Bill Maher crowed that liberals [some would say leftists] finally have the country they want and the Conservatives can’t stand it. He’s probably right on both counts.

This is what appears to be happening from the perspective of a Conservative.

The Constitution is under attack or being ignored and the left wants us to view it as a “living document” which does not have to be changed by constitutional amendments. Fiats will do if they feel good.

The media and corporations are all in. Their success in supporting the leftist president and his cultural revolution is evident in his new poll numbers which put his popularity at 50%.

The Constitution is being tossed aside to achieve short term success. The Supreme Court has been politicized. All government agencies likewise have been politicized and what’s left is a Congress crushed under the weight of Barack Obama’s threats.

We are becoming a secular welfare state.

The administration seeks a triumph of an egalitarian-based ethic over a faith-based one through the subservience of religion to the state, which in the end seeks to remove the section in the First Amendment that “…prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion…”

The American Civil Liberties Union has formally announced it will no longer support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signaling that the organization is no longer interested in mounting an ideologically consistent defense of all people of faith, Reason magazine postulated.

Reason magazine author Robby Scave wrote “the ACLU believes the peyote-smoking Native Americans and beard-wearing Sikh men are practicing an acceptable degree of religious freedom, but Christians are engaged in discrimination, and discrimination is bad.”

Leftists get to decide what is acceptable religious belief and what isn’t.

Will the secular, collectivist state reign over all freedoms in the end as they pick off the easiest ones?

The Second Amendment is under constant attack and in true Alinsky fashion, its supporters are demonized. Privacy laws are being ravished by government agencies with little change even after a lot of blowback.

Pressure is constantly being placed on companies like Walmart to stop selling guns; Civil War games have been removed from iTunes; some leftist organizations are demanding streets and buildings named after confederate generals be replaced; they want Christopher Columbus eradicated along with his statues; the confederate flag is being banned in most places; a number of newspapers will not run articles or even letters to the editor that counter the government’s argument on global warming, gay marriage, and guns; and now D.C. won’t allow a Redskins stadium in their little hellhole.

There’s something Stalin-esque about it all.

Children who chew gun images out of cookies are suspended or even expelled no matter how young they are.

Even words are banned. Why would anyone want to ban the teaching of “America is a land of opportunity” really, aside from the absurd reason given which is to not offend minorities?

We are giving up liberties so as to avoid being called names like racist or nativist or flat-earthers.

When you google an issue, pages of articles espousing liberal and leftist views appear. It’s a struggle at times to find even well-known conservative news websites, especially when looking for statistics on those things the government seeks to control.

Online news sources are abandoning algorithms for a more deliberate control of content.

Apple News, a liberal bastion, has a new app that uses a human curator. This new app, according to the Verge, “gathers stories from a wide variety of sources — like so many other news aggregators out there — but it will employ dedicated editors to pick out the most important, relevant, or interesting pieces of news to promote. In this way, Apple is attempting to differentiate not through its technology but through the discernment of its curators.”

Twitter, run by liberals, is also pursuing “quality” through “higher selectiveness”. The network is gathering an international group of editors with newsroom experience that will, as BuzzFeed’s Mat Honan explains, “use data tools to comb through events and understand emerging trends, and pluck the best content from the ocean of updates flowing across Twitter’s servers.”

It doesn’t bode well for the online Conservative media.

Last year Facebook was covertly manipulating the news feed in a psychology experiment. They too will select the news we see using human curators.

Political correctness has reached absurd proportions and dissenting opinions are being relegated to the back pages. We are being influenced and “nudged” as Cass Sunstein has recommended. We’re being nudged into a collectivist mindset where the individual is disdained and the collective is all that matters.

Barack Obama’s sense of the individual is one shared by Hegel and Marx. That’s who he is and half the nation thinks he’s doing just fine.



  1. Yeah., we’re Done., So Done with the likes of these Communist inspired Socialists and their top down command and control over everything.
    The Rebellion is well on it’s way to blowing up in their faces any day now any hour now.’
    the Shooting is about to begin.”
    It’s not my fault either.”It’s been a long time coming.”
    There are too many poor ignorant people on welfare and too amny smart angry unemployed people to sustain this fake two aprty dog and pony show.”
    the numbers do not and cannot add up concerning the economy either.
    he Gig is up and the light have come on., and now we can see how dirty this dance floor really is.”
    The internet has allowed us to compile enough evidence to show the World we are Just in our Cause for an Armed Rebellion.’

  2. Bravo!!
    Yet another excellent, insightful and enlightening article by the S. Noble and the Independent Sentinel. I will be following you and recommending your site from here on out.
    Thank you so much!

  3. i cannot recommend this enough! This is what every_single_American needs to read and understand — now!!
    Again – Thank You!

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