We Celebrate Executive Orders Now! Yay!


Did you know this is the 20th anniversary of Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice? It is and we are apparently celebrating it!

Mr. Obama has proclaimed today, Valentine’s Day, as the Environmental Justice Executive Order Anniversary!

The order claims that low-income and minority people suffer greater environmental harm than others and this order “affirmed every American’s right to breathe freely, drink clean water, and live on uncontaminated land. Today, as America marks 20 years of action, we renew our commitment to environmental justice for all.”

Mr. Obama says “recognizing these same communities may suffer disproportionately due to climate change, we must cut carbon emissions, develop more homegrown clean energy, and prepare for the impacts of a changing climate that we are already feeling across our country.”

He is calling “upon all Americans to observe this day with programs and activities that promote environmental justice and advance a healthy, sustainable future.”

Mr. Obama is celebrating by planning yet another $1 billion slush fund for his green agenda. It’s called the “climate resilience fund.” The only thing that isn’t resilient is the taxpayers’ pocket book. The money will be used to look for ways to prepare communities for climate change and to fund the development of new technologies.

One has to wonder if this won’t go straight to preferred voting blocks.

“We’ve always had heat waves, but now the worst ones are longer and hotter. We’ve always had droughts, but the worst one are getting longer and drier. … We’re having 100-year storms that happen every year or every five years,” Mr. Carney said, though he dodged questions on whether the president could establish the fund through executive action if Congress rejects it. However, according to the Christian Science Monitor, Mr. Obama has already indicated he would issue an executive order to help those affected by drought in California.

What Carney is saying is not exactly true. The worst heat waves were in the 1930’s.  We know there have been severe droughts since 135,000 BC. In terms of storms, we don’t know. Read more about the truth about the drought on this link. Read about the man-made drought in California on this link.

There is, however, a serious drought in California, the worst since the 1970’s and that’s no joke. Farmers and ranchers are struggling. Previous droughts in the area have lasted 10 to 20 years.

President Obama will spend Valentine’s day visiting the drought area to promote his climate change agenda and draw a link between the drought and climate change according to the Christian Science Monitor. Later in the day, he will spend time with King Abdullah of Jordan sans Michelle, romantic that he is.