We Donate To Countries We Are Indebted To


We’re too dumb to survive if we don’t stop donating to the same countries who hold our debt. As crazy as these donations are, it’s justified by our politicians because, it’s, well, for charity or AIDS or some other worthy cause. Why don’t we use the money to pay off our debt so they can pay for their own charities.

From the Daily Mail: – “The U.S. is providing hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid to some of the world’s richest countries – while at the same time borrowing billions back, according to report seen by Congress.

The Congressional Research Service released the report last month which shows that in 2010 the U.S. handed out a total of $1.4bn to 16 foreign countries that held at least $10bn in Treasury securities.

Four countries in the world’s top 10 richest received foreign aid last year with China receiving $27.2m, India $126.6m, Brazil $25m, and Russia $71.5m.

Barack ObamaAround the world: Barack Obama on the Great Wall of China. Last year China received $27.2m in foreign aid from the U.S. 

Mexico also received $316.7m and Egypt $255.7m.

And yet despite the massive outgoings in foreign aid, the receiving countries hold trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury bonds.

Sen. Tom Coburn Concerned: Senator Coburn said the policy was ‘dangerous’ 

China is the largest holder with $1.1trillion as of March, according to the Treasury Department.

Brazil held $193.5bn, Russia $127.8bn, India $39.8bn, Mexico $28.1bn and Egypt had $15.3bn.

Foreign aid is earmarked for causes including HIV/AIDs prevention, combating weapons of mass destruction, fighting tuberculosis, and counter-terrorism efforts.

The news has caused grave concern, with Senator Tom Coburn, R-Okla, who requested the report seen by Fox News, calling the policy ‘dangerous’.

In a written statement Senator Coburn said: ‘Borrowing money from countries who receive our aid is dangerous for both the donor and recipient…” Read more: The Daily Mail Online Gets It