We Have to Pass a Law to Bar a Terrorist From Obtaining a U.S. Visa



The State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf called the potential nomination of Hamid Aboutalebi as Iran’s ambassador to the U.N. ‘extremely troubling’, adding that the U.S. has raised its concerns with Tehran.

The Obama administration hasn’t decided how to handle it yet.

Aboutalebi is a terrorist, a threat to our nation.  No visa, period!

Hamid Aboutalebi was a member of the Muslim student group – The Muslim Students Following the Imam’s Line – that held 52 American hostages at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran for more than a year in 1979 during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. It is not known how involved he was with the group but he did act as a translator for the group weeks after the kidnapping. That’s all we need to know. He was a member of the violent terrorist group that held our Americans hostage.

Carter was made a fool of at the time and weighed in on the issue this week. He supports letting this known terrorist into the United States as Iran’s new ambassador to the United Nations, according to The Foundry

Carter wrote a book called “Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid”, which has been used to demonize Israel as an apartheid state.  Carter has been called an anti-Semite over the years.

Why don’t we arrange for Aboutalebi to stay at Jimmy’s plantation because I don’t want him in my city.

Carter told WTOP, a radio station in D.C., that “You know, those were college students at that time, and I think that they have matured…I think it would be inappropriate for the United States to try to block someone that Iran wanted to choose.”

He’s such a dope.

Some 29 senators are speaking out. Sen. Ted Cruz said letting him in “is unconscionable.” Sen. Chuck Schumer said it “is a slap in the face to the Americans that were abducted and their families.”

That’s putting it mildly.

Sen. Cruz has brought up a resolution, S. 2195, to keep Aboutalebi from obtaining a visa. There is bipartisan support for it. Think about it, we have to pass a law to convince the administration they need to bar a terrorist from getting a U.S. visa.

Sen. Cruz addressing the senate about his resolution: