We Hunted Down Obama’s 65-Member Coalition



Barack Obama promoted his 65-member coalition this evening but we will get to that later.

His 12-minute speech this evening didn’t have anything new for us. His strategy remains unchanged. He wants assault rifles banned. He’s trying to change the topic and divert  our attention to his losing fight against ISIS.

What do rifles have to do with this terror attack? Why isn’t he passing laws against the pipe bombs or the remote-controlled cars?


He wants the no-fly list used to ban people from gun ownership even though 72 of his DHS agents are on it, along with Weekly Standard journalist Stephen Hayes and Ted Kennedy was on it when he was alive, and none of the 2,000 people on it have done anything wrong.

Barack Obama has been very, very concerned about the alleged attacks on Muslims in this country. No one thinks Muslims should be treated differently though he keeps saying it as if it were happening. It’s quite stunning really. One gets the feeling that he is just dividing us when he says these things.


He did finally call the attack in San Bernardino ‘terrorism’ and admitted it was caused by a radical perverted form of Islam. That’s as non-delusional as he’s been.

He again talked about the 65-member coalition. Who are they, where are they and what have they done? We have the answers for you.

American warplanes carried out about two-thirds of the strikes on Iraqi territory and 95 percent of those on Syrian territory and our air attacks are very insignificant. In the entire month of October, we only flew 107 sorties.

Australia and France have conducted strikes in both countries. Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Britain have participated just in Iraq until this month when Britain voted to bomb in Syria. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates have participated just in Syria but Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and the UAE haven’t conducted a strike in months. Saudi Arabia is busy in Yemen.

Canada is dropping out of the campaign.

The major Arab powers once deemed essential to the fight against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq have largely pulled back from the U.S.-led military campaign, undercutting the Obama administration’s claims about the depth and reach of the coalition.

The remaining members of the so-called coalition have never been directly involved and do nothing to destroy ISIS.

The Italians are training Iraqi police officers, the Germans and Emiratis are working with 20 countries to stabilize war-torn areas, and 18 countries are training Iraqi and Kurdish military.

But many others seem included in the membership rolls because they have adopted policies protecting their own security. Countries like Kuwait and Tunisia have broken up Islamist cells. Sweden is speeding up legislation to curb the abuse of Swedish passports and to criminalize foreign fighters. Albania approved a national strategy to combat violent extremism. Other members include Luxembourg, Montenegro, Iceland, Taiwan, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, and Kosovo.

“I don’t know why the White House has put as much emphasis on the coalition as it has, because it’s been fairly transparent for a long time that the overwhelming majority of those nations have sent in their $25 contributions and not done much more,” said Daniel Benjamin, Mr. Obama’s former State Department counterterrorism coordinator, now at Dartmouth College.


Source: NY Times


  1. Love your site. I, too, saw some reports about running out of weaponry. I found that the number of sorties into Iraq and Syria are greater than being reported in the news media.

    Here’s a link showing a summation of various items related to the air war up to 31 Oct 2015.

    I see you have a number of 107 sorties being flown. The above link says over 2600 sorties have been flown for “Combined Forces”, which I believe is the UN Combined Forces.

    Where can I find what the USA forces are doing? Thanks.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Terry, I got the 107 number from one of the Generals on Fox. A figure was mentioned last night that averages to five a day. I have to look to see who said it -might have been Obama.
      Fox reported the Air Force said they’d be out of bombs next month but I doubt it will happen.

  2. Common sense is not something liberals possess. They can’t blame the persons who committed the crime and who altered the rifles to fire automatically. If they want to blame the firearm for committing the crime, why not blame Home Depot for selling the pipe fittings to the muslim terrorist? Why not blame the SUV for being a tactical platform that transported them around the city? Heck! Might as well throw in the City of San Bernardino for having built the roads that made it possible for these two to get around the city.
    Liberal logic is an oxymoron.

  3. Not enough is being done there is too much PC that warns of offending Moslems because it might inflame the problem and get new recruits the radical Moslems in mosques are inciting violence on Americans here and abroad!

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