We Missed This! Obama Wants Police to Confess to Being Biased


Media Research Center picked up something in Obama’s speech from Spain that the rest of us missed. After he promoted his Black Lives Matter revolutionaries and compared them to Suffragettes and Abolitionists, and after he made his obligatory comments about most police are “doing a really good job”, he told police to confess.

His red shirts are only “venting” but officers are are part of a systemically bigoted system according to him.

The reporter asked the president: “As you prepare yourself to travel to Dallas, how would you advise the Black Lives Matter activists to approach this very sensitive issue — situation?”

His response was to tell the police to fess up to their bias while he lied about the data (this comes in at about 07:00 on the video above):

There are legitimate issues that have been raised, and there’s data and evidence to back up the concerns that are being expressed by these protesters.

And if police organizations and departments acknowledge that there’s a problem and there’s an issue, then that, too, is going to contribute to real solutions. And, as I said yesterday, that is what’s going to ultimately help make the job of being a cop a lot safer. It is in the interest of police officers that their communities trust them and that the kind of rancor and suspicion that exists right now is alleviated.

How can they confess and own up to something that isn’t true?

A study by a Harvard professor released this month found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings even though officers were more likely to interact physically with non-whites than whites.

What was found:

The paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research, which examined thousands of incidents at 10 large police departments in California, Florida and Texas, concluded that police were no more likely to shoot non-whites than whites after factoring in extenuating circumstances.

“On the most extreme use of force — officer-involved shootings — we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account,” said Harvard economics professor Roland G. Fryer Jr. in the abstract of the July 2016 paper.

Mr. Fryer, who is black, told The New York Times that the finding of no racial discrimination in police shootings was “the most surprising result of my career.”

Howver, the following is probably why the black community is upset.

At the same time, the study found blacks and Hispanics were more than 50 percent more likely to experience physical interactions with police, including touching, pushing, handcuffing, drawing a weapon, and using a baton or pepper spray.

Heather MacDonald, a scholar at The Manhattan Institute, has written a scholarly and well-researched book, War on Cops, and in it she reports that systemic bias in the criminal justice system is completely untrue. Blacks are killing blacks and blacks are committing crime at eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined.

Only .4% of all shootings are by police, MacDonald said. Police aren’t the problem. However, police are being called racist for proactive policing and as a result, crime is skyrocketing.

Relentless critiques add to the hostility and delegitmize the fairest justice system in the world. It threatens law and order, MacDonald told a Fox News host on July 10th.

Ms. MacDonald said police are going out of their minds with the rush to judgement that these homicides were about racism without an ounce of evidence. Police say the job is now undoable. Crime in black populations will keep rising as a result.

It is Obama and his followers who should own up to the lies to solve the real problems and to reverse the virulent anti-police campaign he has relentlessly sought to use for his own agenda.

Laughably, he wrote an open letter to all police officers in the country saying he has their backs. Did he realize he went too far after the deaths of officers who died because of his lies?


  1. This is horseshit. It is quite normal if biased to still be fair. The President is heavily biased and grossly unfair. He is awful.

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