We Should Be Talking About the Mueller-Comey Pre-Testimony Meetings


On December 24, even the Washington Post made note of the troubling developments of the Mueller investigation and their biased staff. When people are honest, they know this investigation is critically flawed.

We have all heard about the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch immediately before Hillary Clinton was exonerated, but has anyone discussed the secret meetings between Robert Mueller and Jim Comey? Those meetings took place prior to former FBI director Jim Comey testifying before Congress. At the congressional hearing, Comey admitted he leaked his alleged notes of his meetings with Donald Trump to a friend so he could feed them to the press.

Comey also admitted he leaked the notes in order to get his friend Robert Mueller appointed Special Counsel to consider a possible obstruction charge. [Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller on May 17, 2017]

Politico reported in June that one Comey friend said “there had been conversations” between Comey and Mueller’s team before the testimony and “Mueller won’t be surprised.”

Did Mueller promise immunity during those conversations? It would be nice to know. It is certainly inappropriate for Comey to meet with the head of the investigation before he testified to leaking illegally while suggesting Trump was obstructing justice.

Judicial Watch has been trying to get information but it’s hopeless.

Tom Fitton, speaking with Breitbart’s Raheem Kasam on Breitbart news Sirius, said the Mueller investigation is irredeemable at this point.

He said, “You’ve got these anti-Trumper activists at the heart of Mueller’s investigation, and I think, in a way, Mueller’s subsequent cover-up and keeping this gentleman on, who was sending these emails and is pro-Hillary Clinton, keeping these partisans on has irredeemably compromised him and his investigation, irredeemably compromised it.”

Fitton meant Andrew Weisman, a key prosecutor on Robert Mueller’s team. Weisman attended Hillary Clinton’s election night celebration and praised acting AG Sally Yates for not following the lawful order to enact the travel ban.

Then there are the infamous emails between agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussing the “insurance policy” should Trump be elected. Strzok was a lead investigator until he was transferred this past summer.


  1. Anyone that thinks Comey, Mueller and the upper crust of the FBI are not involved in political efforts against President Trump is looking the other way and listening to something else other than reality. The vast majority of FBI agents are worthy of high regard. The leaders of the FBI are partisan liberals, using their position for political gain of their chosen party.

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