We Sit Idly By As ISIS Martyrs Children


ISIS are monsters, perhaps worse than most al-Qaida and some other jihadists but not by much. They all have the same goal – convert nonbelievers or see them die.

While Obama refuses to do much more than blow up pickup trucks, while the Pope says never give up hope that ISIS can be dealt with, and while bonnie Prince Charles plans to read from the Koran on his coronation and become Defender of Faith instead of Defender of THE Faith, the global jihad continues to make a mockery of them and their kindness borne of naïveté or perhaps weakness.

We are all sitting idly by as hundreds of thousands are tortured and killed as was once done to the Jews and others for years before World War II.

We could stop this rising Hitler but we will wait too long and when we have no choice, it might be too late or it might be a full-fledged World War with nuclear weapons if there is even anyone to fight for by then. As this carnage continues, some of the best and most innocent of people in the world are being murdered.

The Independent UK reported that the ISIS army which was once 10,000 strong is now 200,000 strong with thousands more joining each week.

We got lucky in World War II. What if Hitler had gotten the bomb? How would the war have turned out? I think we know the answer to that.

Now, we are actually allowing the demons ruling Iran to get the bomb and we know what they will do with it. We know they will threaten the free world, sell it or give the knowledge and weaponry to evil people of like minds. Not doing anything will lead to World War III, a war like we have never seen before.

It’s impossible for a Christian to live under ISIS, “all of them have had to flee”, the Anglican minister Andrew White told the interviewer in the video below.

Andrew White was ordered to leave Baghdad recently by the Archbishop of Canterbury because he was targeted for a brutal death.

The minister has lived through the cruelty and the persecution of innocents in Iraq and Syria directed at Christians.

The children are not spared.

In the video, he tells the tragic, emotional story of Christian children, all under the age of 15.

They were told by their ISIS persecutors to convert or be killed.

Their response?
 “No, We Love Yeshua (Jesus).”

Listen, the children are talked about towards the end:

video via Orthodox Christian Network and Barbara Samuels

What do Americans care? We no longer stand for anything under this administration.