We Trust the Iranians More Than We Trust Our Own Utilities



We are doing for Iran what we would never do for our own nuclear facilities and former admiral Kirby is a disgrace.

The agreement between the UN and Iran – the side deal – diverges from normal inspection procedures between the IAEA and a member country by ceding the agency’s investigative authority to Iran.

The deal allows Tehran to employ its own experts and equipment at Parchin, the most suspicious of the sites. Iran will conduct their own probe and the IAEA staff will merely read the data Iran gives them.

The idea that it is this absurd deal or war is beyond ridiculous and for John Kirby to defend it is a national disgrace.

John Kirby is a former rear admiral in the United States Navy and currently serves as a State Department spokesperson. He told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the U.S. is very confident that this pinky swear deal will work.

BLITZER: “There are reports that Iran worked on a secret agreement that would actually allow Iran itself to inspect various nuclear sites that have been under review, including this one site called Parchin, that the Iranians would inspect it and report to the IAEA, is this acceptable?”

KIRBY: “The IAEA routinely has confidential arrangements with countries in question that they are going to inspect, as they announced with Iran. One, we’re very, very confident, and we’ve made this clear at classified briefings and to members of congress in the IAEA’s ability to address the concerns, to investigate technically the possible military dimensions of Iran’s military program and in the past. More importantly, Wolf, the IAEA is comfortable with the arrangements that they have set. Going forward, the IAEA also has in place the most robust set of inspections, inspection regime that has ever been peacefully negotiated with another nation. I won’t talk about the details of these leaked documents or draft documents but I’ll tell you that we are very comfortable, Secretary Kerry is very comfortable that the IAEA will have the access and the information that it needs to make a proper accounting of possible military dimensions.”

Iran does not routinely make such arrangements and how do we call this “the most robust set of inspections” when Iran is inspecting themselves?

BLITZER: “Do we expect these Iranians to tell the international community the truth about the past nuclear activities which the U.S. Government says they were involved in trying to build some sort of nuclear bomb, they denied it, you think they’re going to tell the truth about what was going on in Parchin. You’re going to rely on them to do that?”

KIRBY: “I’m not going to get into the contents of a draft IAEA document and again it’s an arrangement between the IAEA and Iran. We’re familiar with the arrangements. They’ve been discussed in classified briefings to congress. What I will say is we are confident that the IAEA is completely confident that they have the arrangements in place to do a proper accounting of Iran’s possible military dimensions in the past, as well as going forward, a very robust inspection regime, the most robust that’s ever been peacefully negotiated.”

BLITZER: “We have to leave it there, unfortunately, but we’ll continue they conversation.”

Is this a joke? Are we on Candid Camera?

Anything that comes from tainted evidence collected by the offenders is also tainted. This is the fruit of the poisonous tree in a way.

I have an idea. Why don’t we downsize the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), remove all resident inspectors who are present at every nuclear plant, and get rid of any NRC team inspections of these plants, and just let the utility send in a report and tell us how they’re doing. The NRC could take the word of the utility.

I would feel better about that than what Obama is doing.


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