Weiner Pulls Ahead in One New York City Mayoral Poll



Photo of the future New York City Mayor

Anthony Weiner, the nude-texting congressman who left his job in disgrace, is pulling ahead in the race for New York City Mayor. New York City is a lost cause and that’s proof of it. As Governor Cuomo said, if he’s elected, “shame on us.”

In a Quinnipiac poll, Weiner garnered 17 percent support among those surveyed, behind City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s 19 percent and just ahead of ex-Comptroller Bill Thompson’s 16 percent.

A new Wall Street Journal, NBC New York and Marist survey released Tuesday showed Weiner apparently LEADING in the race with 25 percent support among registered Democrats to Quinn’s 20 percent. Quinn had 24 percent support to Weiner’s 19 percent last month in another Marist poll.

Looks like a run-off is in the future.

Quinn has essentially the same far-left platform as Weiner and she is gay. So why is she losing ground? I think it’s because she is a woman. People will vote for any man over a woman. They’ll vote for a stupid man, a crazy man, a nude-texting man, any man, over a woman.

Also, people in New York City can’t seem to resist his charm.

Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife, is having the first-ever Women for Weiner fundraiser, an unfortunate title.

Full story about the polls at the wsj