Weiner Wants to Bring Single Payer to New York City


weiner and my pussys

Photo of Anthony Weiner posing with his beloved pussycat

Anthony Weiner vows to bring single payer healthcare to New York City if elected. He wants to turn New York City into Detroit.

During a debate with his fellow Mayoral candidates, Weiner said:

“I understand health care,” Weiner stated. “I’m going to fight for a single-payer system for the city that’s going to keep our $15 billion dollars worth of healthcare resources here at home, hiring local people, not giving 20 percent of it to insurance companies to take elsewhere. Healthcare is the key to jobs in New York City and with me, you’re gonna get that.”

I guess that’s because he thinks the unaffordable Obamacare is working out so well.

Single payer is a system in which the government has complete control over every person’s healthcare.

Weiner thinks this commie system of healthcare will create jobs. It doesn’t seem to work for Cuba or Russia so don’t put too much stock into that. Russia is planning to leave the concept behind and come up with a new system. Canada has a single payer and people wait months and sometimes years for surgery.

If it helps, all the candidates sounded pretty bad, Weiner didn’t stand out as the worst, merely typical.

Weiner starts in on healthcare at about 11:40 on the video below.

video via abc News