Anthony Weinergate


“I’m not the smartest kid on the block.” ~ Anthony Weiner

Update on the last Update: – After stating at his press conference that he did not conspire with anyone and he’s sorry he lied, Anthony, it turns out, conspired with Gennette Cordova to lie about their correspondence. Ms. Cordova at first claimed she didn’t have any relationship with Weiner and an enemy of hers sent the tweet to make her look bad. That is now a proven lie that the two of them trumped up. So, in addition to conspiring with the porn star, Weiner conspired with Ms. Cordova.

An interesting aside, Ms. Cordova was voted by her school newspaper as Most Likely To Be In A Tabloid Scandal. Read here: Tabloid fodder

Most interesting is the fact that on Monday, Mr. Weiner stated that he indeed would have no way of knowing for certain if his messages were exchanged with underage girls. Coincidentally, he sponsored legislation to protect children from predators. Does the word, “hypocrite” come to mind?

Last, but not least, a new woman’s messages have come to the fore. Her name is Lisa Weiss and she is a blackjack dealer from Vegas. Now I included the disturbingly vulgar messages here, but I warn you, they are progressively obscene. View here at your own peril: Radaronline

Update on my Update: – The latest report has Weiner coaching the porn star, Gina Lee, on how to lie to the press about their relationship. Here’s one quote – “The key is to have a short, thought out statement that tackles the top line questions and then refer people back to it,” Weiner supposedly e-mailed Lee on June 1, according to TMZ. “Have a couple of iterations of: ‘This is silly. Like so many others, I follow Rep. Weiner on Twitter. I don’t know him and have never met him. He briefly followed me and sent me a dm saying thank you for the follow. That’s it.’” I have to say that TMZ checks their facts and they are quick to get scoops on celebrities and they are factual in their reporting. Read here: Weiner coached porn star on how to lie

Update: – This has become an international news item and we, the United States and New York, look ridiculous. Anthony Weiner should do the honorable thing and resign.

Anthony Weiner admitted that he sent sexually explicit messages and lewd photos to as many as 6 women over 3 years, women he met online. He admitted to the infamous crotch photo and tweet, which he has denied repeatedly for 10 days. when another woman came forward with messages and photos. At the press conference today, he said he was very sorry; he included Andrew Breitbart, who “exposed” him, in a group apology. At times, he was near tears. He stated that he will not resign.

After Breitbart released the Weinergate information, Weiner’s left media tyrants (Media Matters, Daily Kos, HuffPo et al) besieged Breitbart, accusing him of being the hacker and the woman’s molester, among other things. Weiner’s actions caused serious harm to Breitbart. Weiner not only betrayed his family, but he lied about it – even saying he was hacked and pretending to not know if the photos were of him. He only fessed up when a woman came forward with intimate photos and messages from him. Breitbart said that he has a much lewder, very intimate photo of Weiner, which he will not release out of respect for Weiner’s family. Breitbart said he feels sorry for Weiner.

One woman who released the information said that she “talked dirty” with him for 30 minutes and he gave her his number. When she called the number, she received a recorded message that said it was the Congressional outgoing office line. This is a misuse of public funds. Weiner said today that he did not use public resources, but he sounded hesitant on that issue.

Big Government dot com posted one photo of him with his cats which was sent to a young woman on May 4, 2011, The  message with it said, “Me and My Pussys”. Weiner is obviously a master of double entendre.

Me And My Pussys

How are his constituents going to trust a word that comes out of his mouth after this? Will ethics win out or will this man go along unscathed after he behaved disgracefully, lied about it, and tried to destroy the man who reported it (Breitbart)?

You can view more photos here: BigJournalism

Original Story – June 1st

Anthony Weiner’s photo of himself in underpants (lewd photo) was tweeted to a 20 year old admirer. He said it was a prank and he said he was hacked. Mostly, he claimed he didn’t send it and his computer was hacked. When told it is a Federal offense and he needs to report it and have it investigated, he declined and called his lawyer instead. He is making this very confusing. If he was hacked, he needs to pursue it. If he’s lying, we the people need to pursue it.

This is from an interview last evening on CNN with Wolf Blitzer who asks why the politician “can’t say with certitude” whether he is pictured in the photograph.
“You would know if this was your underpants, for example,” Blitzer says.

“It certainly doesn’t look familiar to me,” Weiner answers; he goes on to tell Blitzer that photos can be “doctored” and “manipulated.” He says he’s hired a legal team to “get to the bottom of what happened here.”

“I didn’t send any Twitter picture,” Weiner reiterates. “Sometimes these things happen” in today’s social media world, he says; “it seems like I was a victim of that.” Read timeline here: Salon

Here is the twitter exchange and the proof it came from Weiner’s account: The photo in question, and apparently all the other photos in @RepWeiner’s yfrog account, were deleted last night around 11 p.m. There is no question that the photo was tweeted from that account to @GennetteNicole (Cordova), a student journalist at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington.

Her Twitter account was deleted shortly after all this went down, then reappeared again as a protected account. Here’s another tweet indicating that Cordova had a crush on Weiner.

See story: The photos and the tweets

Breitbart’s Story