Welcome to GE Comrades But Make Sure You Are Driving A Volt



GE is buying up Chevy Volts and ordering all their employees to drive them with few exceptions. I hear they come with fire extinguishers. It also comes with instructions on how far it needs to be parked from your home to avoid burning it down.

Best yet – and this is not a joke – they are allowing employees to use GAS all the time.

Interesting points from the GE commie memo –

  • “All sedans ordered in 2012 will be the Chevrolet Volt”
  • Crossovers and minivans will be replaced by electric-vehicle sedans, i.e. the Volt
  • Field engineers (who presumably have to carry equipment and spare parts) are the exception to the Volt-only rule
  • Home assessments for installation of a 240-Volt Level 2 charging station will be provided to all Volt drivers
  • If it’s not possible to install a Level 2 station, employees should use standard 110-Volt charging
  • If no electric power is available, driving the Volt using only its gasoline range extender is permitted
  • Employees should expense both public charging-station costs and the Volt-recharging portion of their monthly electric bills
  • If new GE drivers opt out of the fleet-vehicle program and choose to use a personal car, GE will not reimburse those expenses
  • Existing drivers will not be reimbursed for personal-vehicle use after January 1, 2013

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