Welcome To Obama’s Gulag


Obama borg

“This is the most transparent administration in history,” Obama said during a Google Plus “Fireside” Hangout in February. Except for the hiding, lying, and threatening, he’s very open.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) hasn’t stopped complaining about President Obama not visiting the border while in Texas fundraising. He told Fox & Friends this morning that the White House called him and told him to stop talking, but this man is great – he didn’t.

Liberty News reports that an unnamed source who works for the ICE agency and lives in Orange County says the Obama administration has furloughed Murrieta/LA area ICE agents full time until further notice. But while many agents are reportedly indefinitely furloughed, the source says they continue to be paid full time.

We are paying ICE agents to do nothing and they are unable to report on Murrieta.

ICE agents and professional health care workers have been threatened with dismissal if they tell the American people what is going on.

GOP lawmakers were banned from visiting the shelters. John McCain was turned away last week. These are the peoples’ representatives. What would happen if Bush did this?

Jim Bridenstine joins other GOP congressmen who have been refused admittance to the “humanitarian” hellholes our president has set up for the illegals flooding the country.

Bridenstine was refused admittance in one shelter on July 1st but told he could come back in three weeks. He complained and is now being allowed to visit on the 12th. He was told that when he visits, he can’t record, talk to the children or the personnel, questions are only answered via email, no pictures during the tour, no recording devices. Is this Russia?