We’re Doing Great in Yemen Except Our Remaining Forces Had to Flee Yesterday



From our success stories in Yemen, to Russia doesn’t want Ukraine, to ISIS is being decimated, the administration’s fairytale foreign policy was regurgitated by James Clapper Sunday on Fox News. Yemen’s third largest town has been seized by Iranian-backed rebels and because of it, our military had to flee. The loss of U.S. intel is enormous.

The al-Annad base is where American and European military advisers help Yemen battle the country’s local al-Qaida branch through drone strikes and logistical support – it’s a U.S. drone base. Josh Earnest lied about it and that should be that. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the U.S. had seen no indications of an operational link between ISIS and Friday’s attacks. He said the U.S. was investigating to see whether the ISIS branch in Yemen has the command-and-control structure in place to substantiate its claim of responsibility.

On Fox News Sunday, CIA Director John Brennan spoke with Chris Wallace on a number of issues from defeating ISIS to Russia needs to respect territorial integrity to our “shared” interests with Iran.

Wallace played a video clip of Clapper having said: “There’s an alignment of some interest between ourselves and Iran, clearly in terms of what ISIL has done there.” Wallace then asked Clapper if he really believed the U.S. and Iran had shared interests.

Clapper responded by saying that because ISIL is against our interests and Iran is engaged in pushing back ISIL, we have common interests. He completely ignored the fact that Iran’s interests are to take over the region in their quest for global Islamic jihad.

Wallace pressed Clapper on the possibility that we are letting Iran play too big a role.

“We’re not letting them play that role. I think they’re working with the Iraqis to play that role,” he said slyly. “We’re working with the Iraqis as well. And the Iranians are involved as a neighboring state. They clearly have interests there. They’re pursuing them.”

Clapper was mostly clear as mud during the interview. He’s the ultimate politician in a position not meant to be political.

Wallace asked him about officials saying that Clapper was mistaken when it came to the spread of the Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen and his belief that Putin wasn’t going to go into Ukraine:

“Our ability to evaluate some of these things is limited if we don’t have the presence, if we don’t have the insights and capabilities,” Brennan told host Chris Wallace. “But I think we’ve done a very good job over the course of time identifying some of these new waves that have come through. But intelligence is not a perfect science. It is one that is based on the intelligence information that we get, the insights, the assessments.”

How much better informed are we about why his predictions are always wrong after hearing that response? Should we feel more confident?

Clapper said the pressure on Iran will be kept up despite whatever results from the ongoing talks. No one will take us seriously after this awful deal is finalized. In fact they don’t take us seriously now.

How are they going to do that without a sanctions program and with a president who shows the world he will give the U.N.’s horde of barbarians power over the American people in lieu of the Congress?

Are we going to end up at war after Iran gets nuclear weapons to put on the heads of those intercontinental ballistic missiles they’re building?

Clapper said more than once, disingenuously, that the administration knows Iran’s capabilities and what facilities they have.

Iran and ISIS are equal threats to the U.S. , Clapper said making another bad assessment during the interview. Iran is taking control of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and they’re on the move in other countries, including Latin America and they are building the bomb. They are the largest sponsors of terror in the world and they will have WMDs.

Obama’s latest success in Yemen is part of the fairy tale world we now live in under this administration’s foreign policy.

ISIS led terrible attacks in Tunisia and Yemen this week. When asked about it, Clapper said ISIS momentum in Syria and Iraq has been blunted and stopped and we need to work on ISIS’ activities in the region with our partners. Having a working coalition is another fairy tale.

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels now hold the third largest city in Yemen in addition to the capital. The U.S. special forces had to flee Yemen over the last few days after Al Qaeda seized Al Houta near Al Anad Air Base.

Yemen is the country from which we launched our drones and it’s where we secured much of our intel against Al Qaeda. Come to think of it, why do we have to leave since Iran has control of the town? Aren’t they our buddies now?

We have no presence in Yemen and no intelligence from one of the countries where terrorists do much of the planning for attacks against U.S. interests and the homeland.

We are about to make a nuclear deal with Iran as they are on the move.


This was Obama’s success story.


Transcript on Clapper interview, Fox News Sunday