We’re in Oz Now: Bad Mama Jama Hillary Finds the Good in Everything


Hillary is now Twitter boasting about a comment made during an interview in which a panel of about 15 Democrats in Iowa couldn’t name a single one of her accomplishments. She can’t either so it’s not surprising.

You have all heard by now that Bloomberg Politics convened a focus group of Iowa Democrats four days ago. Nearly all loved Hillary but they couldn’t name anything she’s done.

One did in a way. “She’s a bad mama-jama,” said the female participant. Bad mama-jama is a good thing. The woman explained that Clinton is “not afraid to step up” or “afraid to say, ‘No. I don’t want to do it that way. I’m going to do it this way.'”

That’s true! She’s a dictator like Obama She will do whatever she wants.

So, the phony Clinton took that disastrous interview and found the good in it by retweeting this.


No one is bothering to put the quote out there but it’s the one Clinton loves. We have the soundbite for you from Rush Limbaugh.

Not one of her adoring flock could name an accomplishment.

None of those are accomplishments!!! Like Rush said, she’s well-known, like Kim Kardashian?

What could we expect? Really. Hillary doesn’t know what her accomplishments are.

On April 14th, she listed her five non-accomplishmments as accomplishments. Nothing specific listed because the details are not good.

These are her accomplishments as she lists them – and I’m not kidding – this is what she said:

  • In the relay race, she “ran the best race she could” and “passed the baton.” “Some of what hasn’t been finished, may go on to be finished.”
  • When she became Secretary of State, it was the “worst economic depression since the Great Depression,” we had “two wars,” “continuing threats from all kinds of corners around the world”, it was a “perilous time frankly,” she lamented. President Obama said “he had to take care of the economic situation at home”. (That’s going swimmingly. We have 4 million fewer jobs since he took office and half the jobs created last month were part-time jobs),and he said “he wanted her to go out and represent us around the world.” It was “a good division of labor”, she said, “because we needed to make it clear to the rest of the world we were going to get our house in order. We’re going to stimulate, and grow, and get back to positive growth, and work with our friends and partners, so I think we did that.”(We did? When? Where? Did you see it?)
  • She is proud of the “stabilization” (whatever that means) and “really solid leadership that the administration provided”, that “leads us now to be able to deal with problems like Ukraine because we’re not so worried about massive collapse in Europe and China trying to figure out what to do with their bond holdings, and all the problems we were obsessed with”. (Hahahaha – she really said that, no joke).
  • She thinks they “restored American leadership in the best sense.” “Once again people began to rely on us,” she said with a straight face, “to look at us at setting the values, setting the standards.” (Tell that to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Russian, China, all of South and Central America, Mexico…). She made sure to say she didn’t want to lose that because we have a dysfunctional political situation in Washington. (It’s unclear as to how this answers the question about her accomplishments as Secretary of State).
  • “And then of course a lot of particulars,” but she is “finishing her book and you will be able to read all about it.” You will have to read her book if you want to find out about her successes because she sure didn’t tell us in this interview. (People aren’t buying it and reading it but miraculously it’s moving up on the NY Times best seller list.)