We’re Next: 35,000 Brits Sign Up for Polygamy Dating Site


News in the UK should be of interest to Americans because we are right behind them as we discard morals and adapt to other cultures as opposed to requiring assimilation. It’s especially concerning in that many of the refugees coming into the US have cultures that oppose Western religion, politics, society, healthcare and more.

Azad Chaiwala, a Muslim entrepreneur in Manchester, launched a campaign to “remove the taboo” behind polygamy by starting two polygamy matchmaking sites: secondwife.com, exclusive to Muslims, and polygamy.com, open to “Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics — whoever you are.”

Chaiwala said:

“I was 12 when I came out of the polygamy closet… Changing people’s perception of polygamy. If I can do that, and bring more family stability, happiness and a large support system infrastructure, I’ll be happy. And in the end, I’m a Muslim and I’m rewarded for doing good. So I hope that when I die, my creator will reward me with something better than what I had in this world in return. It’s almost like I get my religious kick out of it, I get my business kick out of it and I also get a lot of thank-you letters.”

Mr Chaiwala insists that his service is promoting fidelity and stopping women from being lonely. His sites, he claims, are about old fashioned values.

Polygamy is illegal in Britain, carries a sentence of seven years, but so far he’s doing this uncontested.

Leading Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood has branded the venture ‘stupid’ and warned that women entering a polygamous relationship are waving away financial rights usually attached to a marriage.

He said: ‘It puts a person in huge peril because they are not allowed to claim, as a partner, on his estate. It is not acceptable and puts individuals very much at risk, it puts them at a huge disadvantage.

He does think, however, that these men think they are doing the right thing.


Visitors to his sites first click on a verse from the Quran, that reads: ‘Then marry women of your choice, two or three, or four, but if you fear that you will not be able to deal justly, then only one.’

This is very bad for women and it is in direct conflict with Western values. What do you think?

Source: Daily Mail UK