Western Civilization is Doomed: Hero Being Investigated for Insulting Munich Killer

Thomas Salbey
Thomas Salbey

The Muslim killer of 9 who also injured 16 was observed on a parking garage rooftop after the shootings, waving a gun around. A neighbor caught that and an exchange with another neighbor on video.

A Thomas Salbey, 57, can be heard on the tape standing up to the killer, exchanging insults with him. Mr. Salbey called the killer a “wanker”, a “f*ing a*hole and chucked a beer bottle at him. The Islamic Killer Sonboly screamed back that he was bullied for 7 years and was born in Germany.

“All I had was a beer bottle to throw at him,” Salbey told the Daily Mail. “If I had a gun … I’d have shot him in the head.”

The Germans are trying to link the killer to the right-wing. The killer was mentally well and bragged about sharing a birthday with Hitler. He also had a pamphlet about the Norweigan right-wing killer. However, Ali Sonboly was also heard screaming, Allahu Akbar, by a Muslim-German woman as he killed the teens at the McDonald’s after he lured them there with a fake ad about free food.

The Express UK reports that the spokesman from the Munich State Prosecutor’s office said Salbey is being investigated and charges could include “insults to the detriment of the dead.”

What does that mean? How can that be a detriment to the dead? The killer was the detriment. Salbey become an Internet hit and someone probably reported him.

This is from the German criminal code. An aggrieved person merely has to say they want an investigation for so-called “hate” speech.

hate request

In Germany, they go after people for free speech which is what the US will be like if Hillary becomes President. She hates the First Amendment.

At the same time, the German police are saying that the argument had nothing to do with their decision to investigate. While they are making this confusing statement, they are also saying they could use his profanity-laced rant as evidence.

Under Germany’s criminal code, it would likely come under “incitement to hatred”. This is why we can’t let Hillary put her hate laws in if she becomes president. How this is a detriment to the dead is unclear. Only Ali Sonboly was a detriment.


It could also come under slander.


Click the link and google insult on the criminal code and look at the absurd ways they can imprison someone for their free speech. In Germany, you can’t insult a politician.

Salbey has become a bit of a folk hero and now he will pay for that. We’re doomed.


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