Western Culture Heads Out With a Whimper


Why are so few in the West fighting for free speech, free markets, the rule of law? Where are the sentries at the gates protecting the values and the culture that gave the West so much prosperity? The Visigoths are here and the citizens are apathetic. The West will not go out in flames, it will go out with a whimper.

The values of goodness and generosity which have served the EU and the US so well are now the foundation of the decline.

The former Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott expressed it powerfully.

The numbers of migrants, mostly men, now traveling into the EU, and those the US plans to let in, will take the already changing societies of the West and alter them forever. The migrants are mostly Muslim and an unknown number are radical Islamists seeking global jihad.

It’s an invading army but there are no legions of men to protect what has been built over the centuries.


video via noisyroom

As Tony Abbot said, the US is about ten years behind the EU.

The massive migration comes at a time when the West is becoming secular, humanistic and relativistic.

There are no absolutes, no Gods, no morals except those that are relative and secular.

In January, the Wall Street Journal reported that there are a growing number of unused churches. It’s fallout of a collapse of Europeans affiliated with Christianity. It’s the same movement Barack Obama is attempting to spur here in the United States.

More than 2300 churches in Holland will be out of use over the next decade, and 42% of the people are not affiliated with any religion. Of those who are Christian, only 30% attend church. About 10% of German Christians attend church. In Scandinavia, the same thing is happening. In Denmark, only 6% of Christians attend church regularly.

Muslims on the other hand are committed to their religion and believe in a theocracy. Men are supreme in their culture and freedom is without meaning.

In the EU, families only have 1.5 children on the average but many Muslim families have 10 to 12.

Culture in the EU is changing. Classical music and opera which were so much a part of their culture is of little interest to the Europeans. Only 38% engage in cultural activities.

The EU is in the grip of cultural relativism. There are those who don’t believe that any tradition, belief or state should have a claim and many don’t believe any culture has the moral high ground. That is the nature of globalism and multiculturalism.

Along with the culture, Capitalism is also heading for extinction as the hip metrosexual cultures of the urban West reject their inheritance of prosperity for the super chic Socialism which generously shares other peoples’ money.


The West is losing its national identity.

The US, like the EU, is being told they are not superior and they are not exceptional. There is a reason for that.

Migrants are audaciously usurping national sovereignty at an opportune time and the very values which made the West exceptional are now going to lead them into their own destruction as they invite in endless numbers of migrants who will bring their values, their culture and their religion with them. As the West loses its identity, the very ardent and dedicated Muslims will be there to consume what’s left.

What is the difference between these two invasions pictured below? The answer is at the end.

This is Normandy.

Normandy invasion

This is the current invasion.


Answer: The first one met with resistance. The West no longer cares to fight for its freedoms, its free market and its culture. The truth is the West has been abandoning its belief in itself for a long time.



  1. PC has succeeded ! Don’t question anything, give up what you believe in as not to “offend” others, embrace “coexistence” (even as they chant Death to America)… the stupidity, brain-washing, wussies have destroyed Freedom and Western Civilization.

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