WH Correspondents’ Dinner – Obama Speaking to His Minions


The White House Correspondents’ dinner was the usual schmoozing between our “free press” and their idol, Barack Obama. It was Obama speaking to his minions.

What do you do when you have been caught on an open mic sending a message to Putin that once re-elected you will have “more flexibility?” Well, you make a joke out of it to make it seem innocuous.

Obama did that several times in his comedy routine at the White House Correspondents’ dinner. Before he came onto the stage, he joked as if he were on an open mic. He ended his speech by joking about his second term and his secret plans.

What do you do when you are rich and pay off your rich donors with taxpayer money while campaigning against the 1%? You demean your opponent as the rich guy of course, which is what Obama did.

What do you do when you have a secret service scandal? You joke about it to minimize its importance. He even joked about GSA. Sorry if I don’t find that funny.

After patting himself on the back for killing Osama, he spent some time bashing Bush, Sarah Palin, and Romney.

He said that Bush blamed Clinton for his difficulties which is something Bush never did.

Obama even interjected a crack for his fake war on women by equating Kimmel’s Man Show with contraceptives.

He praised HuffPo for their award as he sang the praises of HuffPo and the “free press.” That was the biggest joke of all.

His reference to eating delicious dog was a big hit and on that I have nothing more to say.