WH SPOX Accuses Trump of Coordinating with Putin, Maxine Talks Impeachment


Josh Earnest at his last press briefing as White House spokesperson.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest accused Trump of coordinating with Russian President Putin without a shred of evidence.

Making an Attack on Obama Into an Attack on Trump

During a joint press conference with the Moldovan President, the Russian president called the dossier on Trump “rubbish”, blasted the Obama administration for demeaning the incoming administration, and said the spreaders of fake news are “worse than prostitutes”. That led up to Josh Earnest being asked about it at today’s briefing.

ABC reporter Jon Karl asked, “Putin made a specific allegation, pretty explosive one coming from another, you know, global leader he’s accusing the Obama administration of trying to delegitimize the incoming Trump administration. What’s your response to Vladimir Putin?”

Earnest responded, “First of all, it sounds like he got his copy of the talking points. Second —“

“From who?” Karl asked.

“Well, I don’t know it certainly sounds a lot like what the incoming administration’s team is saying…

Listen to the exchange here:


Donald Trump isn’t even in office yet but Maxine Waters says he might be impeachable now. If there was “collusion” with Russia, he already committed an impeachable offense.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Donald Trump may have already committed an impeachable offense, even before he has taken office as president of the United States. Waters said if it is found out that the Russians were in collusion with the Trump campaign to strategize and come up with terms like “Crooked Hillary,” the President-elect did something “impeachable.”

She totally made all of this up. It’s ridiculous. Anyone could say this about anyone.


  1. there’s an ancient afghan saying; translated from the original persian, it advises “trust is the only currency that matters.” that is the crux of the ‘he said, she said’ debate ‘twixt the neo-cons and the more cautious in our capital. the loudest voices assert russia violated our electoral probity and must be vilified along with the complicit pres. elect and his nascent administration. the pentagon has blessed a new military build-up in europe to a level not seen since the cold war while short shrift is given to the ‘actual’ threat by china in the south china sea. for folks like ms. waters the realpolitik of the world is a mystery; for her and many others in congress the party bullet points and their check are the prime concern. well their very ‘real’ actions are undermining our unity as a republic vis~a~vis the msm; a vehicle by which, as ms. swirsky noted, most Americans’ imagine they know what’s going on.
    groucho marx famously asked; ” who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” the answer turns on the degree of critical thinking we possess as a nation and the ‘trust’ we ascribe to the next president…b

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