What a Communist Says About Hillary Clinton’s Honesty


Don Lemon interviewed communist Van Jones and asked about Hillary’s untrustworthy numbers which are worse than Donald Trump’s on the latest poll from CNN/ORC. VanJones doesn’t march to the beat of much of America on this or any issue and described Mrs. Clinton, known to be a congenital liar, as “one of the most honest politicians in America”.

DON LEMON: “The two candidates are in a virtual tie. We’re also seeing that this 50 percent of voters say that Trump, they see him as a more honest and trustworthy candidate, 35 for Clinton. Does she need to get those numbers up to win?”

VAN JONES: “She’s got to do something. I mean, part of the thing is Trump is a master at the idea of being authentically inauthentic, right? Everybody knows he’s kind of, you know, engaging in hyperbole and sarcasm or whatever and so they have for some reason decided to just discount and to let him just say whatever he wants to say and call him honest. Meanwhile, it actually turns out that Hillary Clinton when you look at the Fact Checker, she’s one of the most honest politicians in America according to the Fact Checker. So there’s a disconnect there that she’s going to have to deal with.”

It’s not that surprising, Hillary picked up the coveted endorsement of the Communist Party USA. In fact, the California KKK is also backing her.


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