What a Crew! House ‘Budget’ Deal from Hell Approved


The House approved a terrible budget deal Wednesday and the only ones who seem to care are the right-wing.

Budget is defined as a plan to “allow or provide a particular amount of money in a budget.” Usually, however, when one thinks of budgets, one thinks of how much money one has to actually spend.

John Boehner has been a serious disappointment. The House bought him a golf cart as a farewell gift. They should have gotten him a tanning bed.

His latest contribution to the demise of our Republic was to arrange for a budget deal with Barack Obama that will raise the debt to $20 trillion. He is probably trying to make Paul Ryan’s job easier but that isn’t what his job calls for. He is supposed to be looking out for the welfare of this nation which includes reducing, not increasing the debt and deficit.

There was a clear mandate during the last two elections to change Washington. All we’ve seen is more of the same. More spending, more taxation, more regulations and there is no pushback.

By giving in to this deal, Republicans have made Hillary’s job easy. They took the budget out of the mix and showed that they approve the wild increase in spending. At least that is how it will play out.

The budget sports an $85 billion dollar increase and there are trillions of dollars in new spending. It’s a trillion-and-a-half in new borrowing authority and the offset is in the future. There is NO LIMIT to the president’s spending. Defense is cut by another $5 billion.

When that was done in the past, the offset was changed and that’s what will happen to this offset. When Barack Obama leaves office, we will be $20 trillion in debt. How will this be turned around?

The talking heads on Special Report said this evening that conservatives should want to do this for the party and for Paul Ryan. No they shouldn’t. They should be acting on behalf of the people.