What a selection!


city council candidates

City Council Candidates Pose before New York’s Three Ring Circus. They’re a bunch of clowns.

Ok all you venture capitalists out there. Pay attention all you fans of the Apprentice. Let’s say you own a business with a budget of 50 BILLION dollars, six million clients, own some of the finest real estate in the world, and it’s your job to hire a 51 member board of directors to run the whole damn company.

OK, who would you choose?  The company, of course, is New York City and those who run it are that esteemed body, the New York City Council.

But, not all of us are quite sure what this “esteemed” body actually does. How important could the New York City Council really be? You may be shocked, as I was, that this 51-member elected Board:

1- is New York City’s law making body!
2- approves and manage New York City’s $70 Billion dollar annual budget.(that’s 70 billion!)
3- runs and monitors ALL New York City agencies. And
4- their power is EQUAL to that of the Mayor!

You would imagine that for a job like that, in a city like New York, we would have the cream of the crop, the best and most talented available.

Keeping that in mind, the New York Post introduced us to some of the geniuses, some of the inspirational candidates, some citizens with impeccable credentials, who are vying for your vote this November:

1- Robert Cornegy is running for the City Council to replace Al Vann in Brooklyn, He had a $12,870 judgment against him for back rent, yet he received $87,780 in tax payer provided matching funds!  Way to go Bob!

2- Democrat  Joyce Johnson, running in upper Manhattan, has $38,864 in judgments on her W 96th street home and her landlord has, on numerous occasions, tried to evict her. By the way, she also received  $79,087 in taxpayer matching funds.

3- Democrat John Whitehead, running in Brooklyn, has had, since 2000, a total of 16 eviction judgments against him from his landlord for a total of  $24,458. That has be some sort of  record! I guess,  if elected, they will put him in charge of housing. Sounds like a perfect match to me!

4- Running in  Brooklyn,  Olonike Alabi owed $9,946 in judgments, yet he also received $87,780 in matching funds. Don ‘t make a big deal! What’s $87,760 among friends?

5- Get this one!  Tax warrants were filed against former poker player (perfect occupation to represent us!) Stephen Pierson for $15,396. What ‘s the odds of Steve representing Brooklyn’s 33rd district? He is a Democrat, you know! Maybe he would be better suited for the sequel to the movie “Casino”?

6- Wait till you hear about Democrat  Joel Bauza, a candidate for Bronx’s 15th district. On Jan. 7, 2012, the state filed a tax warrant against him for $42,968, and the IRS filed a lien against him for $84,505 . On Nov 11,2011 a second lien against him was served  for  $9,395.  The perfect member of New York City’s tax commission!

7- If you think by living in Queens you don’t have such great choices, just hold on. In your 27th district, Ira Daneek Miller, has key union and political support and is a shoo in! I hope you ignore the fact that in 2003, he was sued by the US Small Business Administration in Brooklyn’s federal court for defaulting on a $12,500 loan.

That in itself wasn’t enough to stop this financial wiz-kid. He also settled judgments filed by Citibank for $6,429, and Household Financial Corp. for $6,799.

8- The Yankees are not the only Bronx bombers in that borough. In the Bronx’s 16th district, accountant and “business consultant” Pedro Alvarez had to satisfy a late debt with NYS Worker’s Compensation Board for $34,750! I guess 2006 was not a good year for this aspiring politician either. And finally,

9- To demonstrate that there is absolutely no political favoritism in New York,  Noah Gotbaum, son of former Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, is an Upper West Side City Council contender. This joy of a candidate was just busted last week, driving with a suspended driver’s license!

Still proud to be a New Yorker? But that’s what you get to choose from, in a one-party town! If you don’t like it, move to Chicago! I’ll give you Jesse Jackson’s son’s number. Best to wait till he and his wife get out of prison.