What Are Your Predictions for Obama’s Second Term? Update



The Watcher’s Council’s predictions for Obama’s second term will be posted tomorrow and I’ll repost them here. [update posted below]

Do you have any predictions of your own?

For some reason when I was asked the question, the following video came to mind.

If I wanted America to fail:

Personally, if I wanted America to fail, I would have voted for Barack Obama this past November.

My liberal friends tell me we are headed for a better economy as long as the Republicans don’t stand in the way. It is hard for me to understand how more spending, more taxation, and thousands of new regulations could be good for the country.

Update 12/31/2012

Here are some comments from Watcher of Weasels:

JoshuaPundit: One of the things that has always struck me about President Obama is his enjoyment of the perks of office and what I’ll call playing president as opposed to actually governing.A classic example is what I saw on one of this week’s Sunday shows, where the president was asked about what steps he was taking regarding the Fiscal Cliff and suggested we all pray.

Here is the president of the United States, rather than working in the trenches to actually come to a reasonable compromise simply shrugging and saying, once again ‘it’s beyond my pay grade’.

I’ve always had the feeling that Barack Obama was the front man for the band rather than the guy who wrote the songs or produced the albums, if you get my drift. Oh he’s down for the agenda all right, but he’s not actually creating all that much.During the beginning two years of his first term when the Democrats had a supermajority, it was Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their minions whom actually concocted the stimulus, the GM buyout and ObamaCare.

No matter whom had been elected this year, America was always going to face a certain amount of fiscal corrections. President Obama’s second term will likely be when the bill comes due. It’s more likely to be a Carter-esque stagflation in my view than a depression or massive deflation, with low or negative growth, corresponding high rates of unemployment, high fuel prices (and higher prices for most other things)coupled an increased racial divide and a number of foreign policy debacles, especially in the Middle East. And speaking of which, look for an increased distancing between the White House and Israel as well as some more tap dancing on Iran and outrage in the Oval Office when and if Israel actually decides to deal with what they rightly consider an existential threat.One sign is the White House coordinated media pimping over the last few days by the usual suspects which signals to me that Chuck Hagel is likely to be nominated as Secretary of Defense.

We may also have a few interesting scandals to look forward to. Fast and Furious and Benghazi aren’t going away.

The Independent Sentinel: My predictions for the president’s second term are: more spending, more taxation, more regulations and rules, more illegal “immigrants,” more class warfare, more attacks on religion, more division, inflation, more restrictions on gun rights, more PC requirements, more Hollywood and media propaganda, a nuclear Iran, N Korea shooting off long range nuclear weapons, more nations acquiring nuclear weapons as we downsize our arsenal and, moving into the future a bit, a Republican win in 2016.

Bookworm Room: All I can think of is Martin Mulls’ famous humming song:

Last night I took you home
And we began to hmmmmm, hmmm hmmm
You were such a hmmmmm, hmmm hmmm…hmm hmm hmm hmm
Only seventeen…
Hmmm hmmm, hmm hmm hmm, rubber shirts
Hmmm hmmm, hmm hmm hmm, leather skirts
Hmmm hmmm…hmm hmm hmm hmm…
And jars of vaseline.

Hmmm, hmmm Hmmm, Hmmm Hmmm, Hmmm HMMM…Hmmmm
Pick up the soap…
Hmmm hmmm Hmmm, HMMM hmmm…Hmmmm
Mayonaise and rope…

Then from the chandelier…
The THREE of us hmmm hmmm, hmm hmm
Hmmm hmmm, hmm-hmm-hmm…hmm hmm…
Hmm hmm hmm hmm hospital…for life
Hmmm hmmm, hmm hmm hmm, whips and chains
Hmmm, hmm hmm hmm, hmmm, great danes
Hmmm hmmm…hmm hmm hmm Hmm, hm Hm…
Your wife…

It’s going to be very bad, with a lot of unspeakable things happening.

The Right Planet: The sequester looming in the fiscal cliff fiasco threatens to eviscerate the military and redistribute ever more money to “hope and change”–namely, social justice (i.e. welfare). Trevor Loudon wrote on his blog: “The push will be towards universal socialist healthcare and an economy wrecking Financial Transactions Tax.” What is hard for me to predict right now is just how devastating Obamacare is going to be as it kicks in. I’ve already heard from a friend of mine that his job is threatened by the 2.3% medical device tax that the federal government will charge on everything his employer manufactures. The tax is also having a huge impact on their suppliers. I feel an intense sense of foreboding about the next four years. I truly believe we are under the leadership of a de facto thugocracy–organized crime.

I can’t really state it better than what Trevor Loudon predicts in his article on what to expect: “Republicans are no longer fighting old line Democrats. They are effectively battling D.S.A, the Communist Party and the labor unions. The Democrats are simply a front for the Marxists….These people play dirty, and they play for keeps.”


[Does anyone think we’re back, private business is okay, real estate is booming, and it will be a good year for the USA? I hope it is. In any case, we can keep blaming everyone but the people in office and keep voting for that which does not work.]