What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, Except If You’re Prince Harry


Prince Harry is facing the wrath of the Queen, his army superiors, and his girlfriend for playing “Naked Billiards” with six women he didn’t know in Vegas.

His protective guards did absolutely no protecting and let the six strange (as in unknown) women hang on to their cell phones during the naked game playing. Apparently his Caribbean vacation was wilder still with worse pictures to come out.

The British tabloids did not post the pictures when threatened with a lawsuit by the Palace.

Rupert Murdoch’s, The Sun, was the exception and ran with the photos. He later tweeted that we should all leave him alone now. I agree with that. Rupert is his only friend these days.

The pictures were sold to a U.S. blog which posted the pictures. You can’t contain something like this but the Palace made a gallant attempt at it.

Apparently Prince Harry is facing a military reprimand as well.

If you want to play, you must pay.

The Queen’s press secretary said that Harry is a loose cannon and can never be left alone. That’s probably true.

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