What It Takes to Get Arrested in Saudi Arabia



A popular actor and TV personality was arrested in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice inside a mall after his presence caused a commotion among the young female fans who were taking pictures and attempting to take selfies.

Abdul Aziz al-Kassar was on a working visit from Kuwait where he lives.

Kassar is out on bail while being investigated for disturbing public order, mixing with women unrelated to him and abusing social media.

He posted on social media that he wanted to know the best mall to shop and that was where the abuse of social media charge came from. Look at these guys in the white robes (for purity?) grabbing him away. It’s crazy!



  1. not to worry. in september a member of the house of saud was named head of
    the un human rights council. i’m sure he’ll get to abdul’s case in a hurry; after
    all, saudi arabia is a nato ally…b

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