What Next! $2 Million Federal Taxpayer Dollars to Teach Refugees to Build Drones


Utica has become a refugee haven and the specially impoverished among them will be given summer jobs thanks to a $2 million dollar grant. Our own impoverished youth aren’t getting the jobs. Instead we are teaching refugees there will be handouts ready and waiting. When our ancestors came over, they had to be productive.

These youth will be building drones. Our own American young people might like to learn how to build drones, especially our minority youth.

The Daily Caller reports that:

The Department of Labor has awarded Utica, New York, $2 million to teach young refugees how to build drones as part of a summer jobs program.

About 400 teenage refugee students living in the city will get part-time summer jobs through the program, as well as tutoring in English and Math. Those who demonstrate academic competence will then take part in a year-long drone building challenge during the school year, as the work and tutoring continues.

Sounds like discrimination to me! Discrimination against white and black American teens!

“It was just a population we chose to target,” Alice Savino, executive director of the area Workforce Development Board that applied for the grant, told The Daily Caller News Foundation, speaking to the decision to direct the funds specifically to refugees. “These kids are here, and they need help.”


“The prime focus will be refugee youth in the city,” the grant application abstract reads. “About 1 in 6 Uticans is a refugee from another nation. State data shows this group has the highest dropout rate, lowest college-ready rate in the city.”

Local commenters were reported by the Daily Caller as having made these remarks:

“So legal Americans are not worthy of summer jobs? Can’t wait for November,” another added.

The next sentence is particularly amazing. Please remind me why we are bringing tens of thousands of refugees to America each year? We’re going to pay a price if we don’t do this?

Savino, however, told TheDCNF she has not heard negative comments from the local community. “If we don’t help [the refugee kids] be productive now, we’re going to pay for it later,” she said. “The local community is extremely supportive.”

We can thank racialist Tom Perez for this. He is a potential Hillary Clinton VP pick. Oh, and he’s crooked like Hillary. We’d get two for one.

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