What Obama Doesn’t Care About Should Shock You


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White House dining room filled with all the people in the White House who care

Millions of people are being thrown off their individual health insurance plans, possibly as many as 15 million and the White House response to this is not an apology, but rather it is to say it’s only a small number of people who are affected. Jay Carney said only 5% of the people are receiving healthcare. They don’t care if it’s only 15 million people affected?

Yet, they claim to care about the 4% of LGBs.

Mr. Obama doesn’t care because he wants single payer and that is where this is headed.

Did you know that everyone who needs health insurance is stuck in the hub? That’s right. Everyone who has signed up is in the data hub that doesn’t work, but who cares? Apparently not Mr. Obama who pushed ahead despite the fact that the website crashed with only 200 people on it a week before the unveiling.

A stage 4 cancer patient in San Diego is losing her insurance and now has to take a policy that either causes her to lose her doctor or her treatment center. The response from the White House was to blame the victim:


People are going to die because of their lies and trickery. Where is the party of caring? If we can even save just one life, shouldn’t we be doing something besides blaming the victim?

Mr. Obama doesn’t care about the truth but he does care about propaganda. The California Endowment is one of the private foundations that heeded Sebelius’ call and is promoting Obamacare, i.e. trying to talk us into liking it. Their ingenious plan is to put Obamacare into plot lines. They are giving $500,000 to writers and producers to slip in plugs for Obamacare. Hollywood is now spreading government propaganda. Hmmm…..where has that happened before? I think we all know the answer to that.

Mr. Obama boasted that he had a ‘kill list’ when he wanted to show how tough he is. Now his aides are reporting that he told his aides he is ‘really good at killing people.’ This is from a man who wants to take our guns away. Should I assume he cares about being good at killing people?

When 17% of the government shut down, Mr. Obama went to great lengths to close off open air memorials and keep people from stopping at overlooks. When I was in DC for the military march on DC, a busload of veterans were stopped while police put additional cones around the Iwo Jima memorial at a greater distance from where they were at the memorial so the veterans would have a harder time seeing it. The veterans were very old and many were in wheelchairs. Obviously, any caring was only to care about keeping aged veterans from seeing a memorial they traveled over a great distance to see.

This is the same administration that fined US Air $1.2 million dollars for violating wheelchair access rules.  Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox, who was proud of this fine, said: “All air travelers deserve to be treated equally and with respect, and this includes persons in wheelchairs and other passengers with disabilities,” he said. “We will continue to make sure that airlines comply with our rules and treat their passengers fairly.”

This fine is levied at a time when businesses, especially airlines, are struggling to survive, which brings me to the fact that he doesn’t care about the peoples’ ability to get jobs and pay bills. If he did, would he be looking for ways to stick us with unaffordable healthcare?

Mr. Obama didn’t care about the men of Benghazi but he did care about getting to his Vegas fundraiser the next morning. He doesn’t care that Congress wants to speak with the survivors. He’s hiding them from Congress.

He certainly doesn’t care that the IRS targeted Tea Party and religious groups. Do you see an investigation?

He doesn’t care that he broke his promise to Cardinal Dolan when he told him he wouldn’t have to worry about being forced to provide abortion services under Obamacare.

Do you think he cares about the debt and deficit? Because I don’t. There is no sign that he cares and he is doing nothing to stem the bleeding.

At 6:10 this evening, EST, Mr. Obama said he didn’t say ‘you can keep it’, meaning your health insurance plan. What he now claims he said is: “Now if you had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law and you really like that plan what we said was you could keep it if it hasn’t changed since the laws passed.” As Mark Levin said this evening, ‘he’s lying about his lies.’

THAT’S NOT WHAT HE SAID! Even the most sycophantic of sheeples knows that is not what he said!!!

This is sick you know.

He claims he never drew a red line either. The world drew the red line. What does he care if it’s accurate?

Didn’t anyone ever tell him that it’s never about the lies, it’s about the cover up? That’s what did Richard Nixon in. Bill Clinton learned the same lesson.

Mr. Obama does care about something. What Mr. Obama does care about is forcing his statist agenda on America.