What Was Found Buried In This Hole Will Shock You



For a newborn baby girl, this was home for untold hours in Compton, California. Wrapped in a hospital blanket and buried alive a foot deep under asphalt and debris, her muffled cries were first heard by passersby.

Two sisters were on their regular walk when they heard the baby.

“She said, ‘I hear a baby crying,'” Angelica Blount said of her sister Evangelina McCrary. “I saw the baby, but not 100 percent of the baby’s face.”

Police and rescue workers were called to the scene and found the one or two day old baby cold to the touch. She was taken to the hospital and is now in perfect health.

Temperatures reach 40 degrees at night and she wouldn’t have survived.


The mother could have brought the baby to a hospital or fire station under the Safe Surrender law, but instead chose to bury her alive.

Story via NBC News