What Would It Take for You to Vote Republican?


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Atilla the Hun for NYC Mayor, as long as he’s a Democrat

If Attila the Hun was the Democratic candidate for NYC Mayor, my parents would probably vote for him.”Attila comes from such a nice Hun family. He went to the best Hun schools” He just needs a little Hun anger-management”

Their answer was always the same, “Are you crazy? What do you want us to do, vote for a Republican?”

My middle class parents had this ridiculous notion that every Republican was a rich millionaire who could care less about the poor or middle class.

“These Republicans (mostly men) were racist, anti-Semites and union-breakers as well.” My folks would probably describe the Tea Party in the same way. Incidentally, I am also a founding member of the Tea Party. Isn’t it amazing that I came from such a liberal upbringing?

Since so many Democrats have been caught committing a variety of crimes, would my parents still automatically pull that lever for every Democratic candidate on the planet? Who knows?  Here are some recent examples of  “Democrats, gone wild.”

The 92nd Street Y is a good place to start, since the New York Times has chosen to totally ignore their recent transgressions  (no surprise to me!). This YMHA is situated on New York’s upper east-side, a neighborhood that has, at most, four registered Republicans. And that’s only if you count Mayor Bloomberg as a Republican.

Their community center is supported by NYC’s vast liberal elite and many of their invited speakers typify their own beliefs. American and Israeli “bashing” is common there, but only recently have they drawn the ire of some of their own members as well as many in the Jewish  community.

Sol Adler has been The 92nd Street Y’s, Executive Director since 1988, drawing a yearly salary of $436,370. Not bad for a poor, starving, Democrat. Where are those of you who always criticize  “corporate CEO’s who are overpaid.” Oh I forgot! He’s not overpaid! He’s a Democrat! And they are also a “non-profit!”

But, recent revelations have shown that they were definitely not a “non-profit” for Sol and some of his cronies. Last month, a massive, long-time, kick-back scheme was uncovered, run by the son-in-law of Mr.Adler’s girlfriend. Arrests were made and Sol has been given the boot.

But, just like many other New York City Democrats, Mr Adler will probably:

1- be taking the obligatory “time off to be with his family,”
2- then the perfunctory “28-day stint at Betty Ford,”
3- followed by a run for elected office, And don’t forget,
4- he will still collect his “well deserved” pension!

My fellow Jewish NYers: what will it take for you to stop supporting this nonsense and try voting for a Republican?

According to my parents, a doctor who devotes his life to treating “poor” union-workers was as good as any liberal can get. Only saving the arctic seal was a little bit better!

Dr Peter Lesniewski, was just that guy.

Unfortunately, he was convicted last week, along with 2 other union officials, of running a decade-long scam, allowing Long Island Railroad workers to collect fraudulent disability payments.

Between 2000-2008, 95% of every retiring railroad worker over the age of 50, received a disability! Do you believe that? That’s not a misprint – 95%!

Hundreds were involved in this billion dollar fraud! One worker was seen competing in a 200-mile bike race and another was photographed playing golf, after Dr Lesniewski certified that both of them were totally disabled!

For a fee of $1,000 dollars for each phony insurance report, more than ninety percent of all his patients received these undeserved disability payments. Sort of a “graduation present”, paid by all you “satisfied strap-hangers!”

With all the union influence here in NY, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the two union co-conspirators were appointed to the NY State Pension Board and the good doctor – after he gets out of prison – is nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Why aren’t unions mentioned on MSNBC, when they talk about corporate bailouts, loopholes, greed and political influence?

My parents were the consummate prudes and were quite naive, (or so I thought), so they probably would not have ever seen Anthony’s “wiener,” or understood the concept of client #9.

Last week the NY Post revealed that both of these illustrious Democrats, Anthony Wiener and Elliot Spitzer, are at it again. Anthony has not stopped his pathological texting and it was revealed that Elliot traveled to Palm Beach to meet his favorite prostitute, even though his speech at the $100 a plate Democratic fundraiser was cancelled. I guess he didn’t want to miss the desert.

Union workers: Are you fed up with four years of 7-8% unemployment, a 2% GDP, a 17 Trillion dollar debt, a 16% underemployment rate, and a truly stagnant and depressed  economy? Are you upset that under this two-term President, and a Democratically controlled Senate , we have seen so many international failures, witnessed numerous administration scandals, remain still at the crosshairs of every terrorist organization, watched our credit rating lowered, and are now considered a second-rate nation?

Are some unions really not representing your best interests? Are you not looking realistically at Obama’s results? Maybe it’s time to take a chance and try another approach?

Spitzer and Weiner, those “hardened” criminals (sorry but I couldn’t resist!) may have been the first Democrats that didn’t get my parent’s vote. Will you continue to support the Democratic Party or try voting Republican instead? It can’t get any worse!  Think about it. You have fifteen months to decide!