What Would Jesus Say About Michael Moore’s Gluttony Problem?


As anti-capitalist Michael Moore sits in his mansion satiating his great big appetite, he continues to blather away on Twitter about snipers being cowards. He asked on Twitter what Jesus would do if he could be a sniper and shoot “savages” in the back.

Moore is also using Twitter and Facebook to brag about all that he’s done for veterans at the same time he stabs them in the backs with insults.

My father was a sniper in WWII. He didn’t choose it but he was good at it. He saved lives and was wounding doing so. He had to precede the troops into dangerous territory and then find an uncomfortable spot from which to shoot, a spot he had to stay in for hours or days. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his valor.

Moore says his uncle was killed by a sniper. He doesn’t say if it was an enemy sniper and doesn’t seem to know that matters.

He wants to know what Jesus would say about a sniper. Jesus would probably say they were protecting other soldiers.

Moore likes to call up Jesus to justify his argument.

He helps the troops Moore foolThe film, by the way, used the word “savages” only in reference to the terrorists who were drilling holes in children’s heads and the like.

What would Jesus say about Michael Moore’s obvious gluttony problem?


Marxist Moore has been carrying on incoherently on Facebook.

One excerpt from his diatribe:

“** When my father passed away this year, in lieu of flowers I asked that donations by made in my dad’s name to the veterans group, Veterans for Peace. Enough money was raised so that the Vietnam Vets chapter could build a home in Vietnam for a family still suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. It’s being dedicated in my dad’s name.”

Veterans for Peace is a Marxist-Communist affiliated organization.

This is what he said about Clint Eastwood to whom he cannot hold a candle:

You can’t have a conversation about what Clint Eastwood is up to if you haven’t seen what it is he’s up to,” he wrote. “Eastwood made maybe the greatest Western ever — ‘Unforgiven’ — but now it’s sad seeing him talking to an empty chair on a stage or making an Iraq movie that Rolling Stone this week called ‘too dumb to bother criticizing.

It would be infuriating, but what does it matter what he says or does?

Seth Rogen back-pedaled on his comments comparing American Sniper to a NAZI film. It’s something Michael Moore should do.