Whatever Happened to the Hillary Email Scandal?



Hillary’s email scandal is alive and well but the latest revelation that there are now more than a thousand emails with classified information is not being reported by much of the mainstream except for Fox News who had it on the front page online and reported it on America’s Newsroom in the morning. A search for Hillary emails drew zippo from the NY Times, CNN, NBC, and CBS. However, ABC did have an article under politics.

Another 7800 emails have been released but the real story is the number of emails that were classified when they were sent to her server.

A State Department official told ABC News that in this release alone 328 documents were upgraded to a classified level, meaning that they were redacted and are unavailable for public review. So far 999 have been graded as classified though Hillary said she didn’t have classified emails on her server.

They were deemed classified BEFORE they were released. Apparently a lot of classified emails passed through her unsecured server.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus released a statement saying, “With the number of emails containing classified information now numbering nearly one thousand, this latest court-ordered release underscores the degree to which Hillary Clinton jeopardized our national security and has tried to mislead the American people.”

She was very careless about our national security.

When she was at the Iowa State Fair in August, she again said she never sent or received emails that were classified at the time [except for these thousand I guess] and she had the gall to blame Republicans for her scandal.



Obviously she’s a liar.

One exchange from early 2013 shows retired diplomat James Jeffrey appearing to do shifty damage control over a Washington Post piece from him titled, “How to Prevent the Next Benghazi.”

Jeffrey started the conversation by warning Cheryl Mills he’d been contacted by the Post regarding his views and reluctantly agreed to comply. He warns it would be posted and “you may see this piece as critical of expeditionary diplomacy. It’s not; I’ve risked my life practicing it. But having lost over 100 personnel KIA and WIA (and two ARBs judging me) in my time in Iraq (and a son going back to Afghanistan on Department assignment this summer) I feel very strongly that we have to be prudent. If the media ask me if there is any daylight between me and you all I will cite the Pickering Mullen ARB and the Secretary’s testimony and say absolutely not.”

Forwarding the article, he adds, “(Title is not what I gave them and stupid as I state explicitly at the end that being in Benghazi was the right policy call).”

The Pickering Mullen ARB was a joke of a report. They didn’t interview Hillary and other key people.



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