What’s Next, You Might Ask? How About Foreigners Demanding the U.S. Ban Keystone



Keystone will create 20,000 jobs and will be the safest pipeline built in the United States

Jew-bashing Archbishop, Desmond Tutu, who is responsible for the myth that Israel is an apartheid state, wants the KeystoneXL Pipeline stopped. A million other foreigners feel the same way.

Public comment on the Keystone XL pipeline ended Friday. There were 1 million in support and 2 million opposed. Victory for the opponents, right? Not Exactly, half of those opposed were from countries outside the U.S. who don’t have our best interests at heart.

Would these foreigners like to have our healthcare and our food stamps too? Would they like to run our banks, our farms, our businesses?

The world sees us as a global menace.

A liberal advocacy group – Avaaz- launched an online drive and added 954,827 comments, only 65,000 of which were from inside the U.S.

Prominent communists sent in comments such as Tutu. Green Christine Milne of the Australian Green Party, who once stopped a pulp mill, and hopes to do so all over the world, commented. Spain’s former secretary of state for climate change Teresa Ribera also weighed in.

Avaaz believes it’s appropriate for the world to weigh in since Secretary of State John Kerry opened that door by inviting all the world’s nations to work together in combating climate change.

The U.S. State Department asked citizens for comments about Keystone being in our best interests and the world weighed in because they believe they have the right to tell us how to run our affairs under Mr. Obama who can’t seem to run them.

Keystone is a project for American jobs and it is in America’s interests. Will Mr. Obama consider the world’s opinions?

Of course he will. His Department of the Interior is busy taking control of land in more than a dozen states in the West over a couple of chickens. Do you really think he will deal with this like a normal person?

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