When the Government Has Your Medical Records



When the government has all our records, we can expect to be treated just like A-Rod.

Remember that steroid situation?

In case you’ve forgotten, Major League Baseball conducted a survey to find out how widespread steroid usage was. A-Rod, trying to do the right thing, went in to take the survey. He told the truth because he was promised that the information would be kept confidential.

Along came Congressman George Mitchell who demanded the surveys. The ethics of his doing that was overshadowed by his abuse of power and his self-interests.

So, what happened next? The GOVERNMENT leaked A-Rod’s responses and his admission to having taken steroids. Naturally, no one was held to account for this illegal leak.

When the government has your records, you can also expect to be hacked.

The Utah Department of Health were recently hacked and 182,000 recipients of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program had their personal information stolen. Better yet, 25,000 social security numbers were also stolen.

The attack appears to have come from eastern Europe.