Where Is Chen Guangcheng?



Update: 5/20: Chen Guangcheng, his wife and children arrived in NY this week. He is very concerned about retribution against his friends and family in China.

Original Story: 5/13: The Chinese dissident who ran to the U.S. Embassy for help and was encouraged to leave is now under guard in a hospital. His nephew has been arrested for the murder of intruders who beat his family. Several of Chen’s family and friends have been jailed.

I don’t understand it. The Embassy said the Chinese PROMISED they would treat him humanely and no longer persecute him. I mean, they promised!

In the last five hours, Chen Guangcheng was told he would receive a passport and would be allowed to study abroad but he leaves behind many who will suffer in his place.

CSMonitor: Chen, who has suffered for seven years at the hands of the authorities, either in jail or under house arrest, had reasons to worry about his future treatment here, to judge by the experience this week of people close to him.

His wife, Yuan Weijing, was detained by police when her husband’s escape was discovered, and tied to a chair without food or drink for two days, Chen told reporters from the hospital where he is now undergoing medical tests and treatment for a broken foot suffered during his escape.

He Peirong, a family friend who drove Chen from his hometown to Beijing, was arrested by police in the southern city of Nanjing, where she lives, and held for several days before being allowed to go home. She has since posted a message on her Twitter account saying the police have forbidden her to talk to reporters.

Jiang Tianyong, a lawyer who tried to visit Chen in hospital on Thursday evening, was taken away by police and returned home at 3:00 a.m. on Friday morning after having been beaten up so badly that he had lost his hearing in one ear, his wife said in a post on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like social media platform.

Guo Yushan, an NGO activist who also helped Chen stay out of police hands between his escape and his arrival at the US Embassy, was held by police for two days before being freed.

Zeng Jinyan, a noted human rights activist and friend of Chen’s who first alerted the world to Chen’s fears for his safety with Twitter posts on Wednesday, has been confined to her home by police, she said on Twitter Thursday. She asked reporters not to call her, for fear of retribution…