Where Is Hillary in the GOP Debates?



Every answer to every question asked by moderators during debates should not focus on the other Republican candidates, it should focus on Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders and the Democrats.

That is one thing Carly Fiorina has done exceptionally well. She shows no mercy to Hillary Clinton, the real opponent.

The question on the nuclear codes had a perfect answer but no one came up with it. They’re too focused on each other and Donald Trump.

When the GOP candidates were asked if they would trust Donald Trump with the nuclear codes, the answer should have been, “I trust him a lot more or I trust everyone here with the codes as opposed to Hillary Clinton who let four men die in Benghazi and then gave misinformation out about it for months. I trust them a lot more than Hillary who tried to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt, who destroyed Libya, et cetera.”

That would have been the perfect answer not the unmemorable things they said.


When asked about Planned Parenthood or abortion, the answer should have been, “You know what I’m opposed to? I’m opposed to Hillary’s unqualified support of Planned Parenthood after gruesome videos have shown us that they are probably illegally modifying the procedure to keep the baby’s brain from being “crushed” and are possibly committing infanticide. I’m concerned about Democrats supporting the cold, callous and savage responses to questions concerning their procedures and goals.”

Christie asked the Republican audience to raise their hands if they believed their lives had improved under President Barack Obama’s tenure. None did. That was a good question but he should have answered it and not merely stated that’s why he’s running for president.

Obamacare questions need to be answered with solutions that have mathematical calculations and studies attached. The left loves studies. They even invent them and get the preordained outcomes. Republicans need more studies. The Obamacare bill was passed, not only without a Republican vote, it was passed through bribery and written by special interests, including Big Pharma. People don’t talk about the corruption involved.

When CNN doesn’t ask a question about the economy or the debt, fit it in like their candidates do. For example, when they ask dumb questions like what you’re secret service handle will be, tell them that instead of useless questions that provide no information, you’d rather give details about how to restore jobs, the economy and bring down the debt. Then give examples.

Play by the rules of winners, not people trying to play to an audience. I don’t think the media is to blame, the poor responses are the problem.