Where were Boo-Ho Booker’s “Tears of Rage” when his Newark had 3rd Highest USA Murder Rate?


New Jersey’s Cory Booker got himself a big bundle of media spotlight for melodramatically ranting against Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Neilsen. It seems the super sensitive senator was visibly enraged that she couldn’t confirm, to his liking, some of the specific adult language used by people present in a private White House meeting.

“Boo-Ho Booker”, said, after hearing a claim from fellow Democrat Dickie Durbin (an already previously discredited leaker of presidential/congressional confidential talks), that he had “tears of rage”. Why the crying? Apparently, because the former Mayor of Newark was greatly offended by some words his buddy conveniently attributed to President Donald Trump.

Given his full frontal “emotional investment” in someone’s unconfirmed rhetoric it’s logical to assume that we’d be able to find an even more powerful response to the violent crime that besieged Newark when Booker was mayor. Nope. Nothing anything close to the high profile performance he gave during the Senate hearing.

Booker took Newark’s reins in 2006, and under his leadership, during a 5 year period covering 2007 to 2012, there was an increase in overall violent crime. If that wasn’t enough to warm up some of Cory’s overactive tear ducts, in 2013 Newark had our nation’s third highest murder rate.

According to the FBI, “the Brick City had a murder rate of 40 per 100,000 people, which placed it third in the country behind only Detroit and New Orleans, and ahead of other notoriously violent metropolises such as St. Louis, Baltimore and Oakland.” Quite a record, no?

Yet, in spite of the many hundreds of people murdered on the streets of the city Booker swore to protect, we heard no nationally covered outpouring of anger over those killed. Not so much as a crocodile tear shed over actual lives taken on his watch, yet a few years later, plenty of theatrics over disputed words, that took not one life in Newark.

New Jerseyans, who lost innocents in his city might be forgiven for wondering, where was “Boo-ho Booker’s” passion while they were busy burying their loved ones? The answer? Their many tragedies cast a long shadow over his endless self promotion. So forget them. Typical, hypocritical pol.



  1. I watched the hearings on C-Span, and I saw Booker’s performance, which was at the expense of Sec. Neilsen. Nothing like prostituting himself to grand stand in front of the cameras, anything to get into the 6 o’clock news. This pathetic pandering to the cameras is getting really obnoxious by all of them, Booker, Durbin, Pelosi, Graham, Flake, and our good old Chuckie Schumer. They do’t give a rats ass about any one of their constituents, dead or alive! Fake concern over anyone and anything that may get them in the news!

  2. Boo-ho Booker should have been half as “tough” on the Newark gangs as he was on the poised, polite, female Homeland Security Secretary, and maybe there would have been fewer dead bodies dropping all over his Newark streets.

  3. And now… for the Best Performance as an Outraged, Emotionally Overwrought Liberal HACK in a Worthless Congressional Hearing… the winner is…


  4. Watching Trump turn him, Schmuckie and the rest of the democRATS into sniffling, babbling, whinning, teary-eyed idiots is very rewarding. It’s not the minorities and illegals they are really crying about, it’s how did they lose the election, control and illegal votes they have been counting on in order to stay in power for eternity.

  5. This racist whacko socialist will be doing his best to run for president at every opportunity in the future, and has a good chance of getting the nod from the Democratic party. He, like many others of his ilk, conveniently fail to be outraged at the violent crimes in their own jurisdictions… virtually all of the high crime urban areas in the US are under the rule of socialist Democrats, and will continue to be was long as they are re-elected by their constituents who don’t seem capable to realize that their votes are for sale to the highest proponents of “free” handouts… while keeping a blind eye on violent criminals… like Corey Booker.

  6. IMO, If the democrats want him, it’s only because of his skin color. They want color at the top of the ticket ! He and the democrat party have nothing else to offer. President Trump….keep rolling out those success agendas !

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