While in Panama, Obama Called Israelis “Narrow-Minded” Before Dictators in Latin America


Barack Obama just called Israelis narrow-minded.

Obama doesn’t want people to worry about the fact that the Iranians have an exact opposite interpretation of the U.S. when it comes to the nuclear “deal.”

Israelis are narrow-minded according to him because they are reacting to a bad deal with a nation presenting an existential threat.

He claimed that even with the interim agreement, there was a similar back-and-forth but once we got through the negotiations we had something substantial agreed to by everyone. Even by the assessments of the critics of the interim deal like the Israelis. Obama said, and now they’re suggesting “Why don’t we just stay here, it’s worked so well. Despite the fact that they’ve made almost the exact same argument they’re making now about the final deal. But, you know, he said raising his hand up in surrender. “Consistency is the hobgoblin of narrow minds,” he concluded, smirking all the while.

Barack Obama is playing games. The Israelis don’t want him to move forward with this awful non-deal deal and are willing to suffer the less-awful interim deal. A couple of liberals, one general in particular, said the interim deal wasn’t bad but with caveats.

The administration has been attempting to demonize Netanyahu and reduce his credibility as he does when he wants to get anything done in his unilateral way. He did it to doctors and hospitals before Obamacare, banks before Dodd-Frank, Republicans before everything, police now to change the justice system, and so on.

This is what Netanyahu actually said in November according to the Times of Israel.

Iran’s interim deal with the international community only set it back six weeks in terms of the time of would take its nuclear program to assemble a bomb, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned in a speech.

“Although there are internal disagreements in Iran, there is no dispute in the regime about developing nuclear weapons and the goal of wiping Israel off the map,” he told the crowd at a conference of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

“This agreement merely set Iran back six weeks — no more — according to our assessments, in relation to its previous position, so that the test, as to denying Iran the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons, has been and remains the permanent agreement, if such [a deal] can indeed be achieved,” he said.

The U.N. said they can’t get Iran to respond to their questions about their nuclear program.

The interim deal, as bad as it was, isn’t as bad as this non-deal deal which gives it all away.

Barack Obama is making these comments before Latin American dictators who are collaborating with Iran and Russia.